BuildingTech Inspection Services, LLC, Raises Alarm About Inappropriate Usage of Infrared Fever Screening Equipment in Public Spaces

Thu May 28, 2020 - 3:35am GMT+0000

The company aims to provide workplaces with the correct information about proper usage of infrared fever screening equipment and training.

May 27, 2020

New Jersey, NY – BuildingTech Inspection Services is raising the alarm about the widely inappropriate usage of infrared fever screening equipment used by workplaces across the nation.

BuildingTech Inspection Services, LLC, is an infrared service company providing specialized infrared thermography services and consulting in infrared equipment solutions. The company helps workplaces to implement proper infrared screening solutions with high-tech and comprehensive infrared equipment and platforms.

In recent news, BuildingTech Inspection Services is announcing it is concerned about the number of businesses that are using infrared non-contact thermometers and infrared cameras technology incorrectly. According to BuildingTech’s founder, John Gutierrez, a certified infrared thermographer, a large portion of companies who use infrared technology are not using it in the proper manner, due to the fact that they are not properly trained personnel.

“It is mind-boggling for me to see how many infrared fever screening equipment companies are not training their clients on how to properly use these potentially life-saving solutions,” says Gutierrez. “These companies are essentially misleading the public by using a standard mass screening setting, which is typically ineffective. I have over eight years in the temperature measurement business and feel it’s critical for the public to know they are not being effectively screened.”

In addition to companies selling infrared solutions that use a phone or very small detectors array that don’t meet the FDA 510K or ISO/TR 13154 and IEC 80601-2-59 specifications, this leads to inadequacies in detecting a febrile person in the work place.

Using the types of equipment mentioned above is giving a false sense of a safer work place. And unfortunately, these types of practises are happening all over the USA and the rest of the world.

With BuildingTech’s infrared fever screening consulting and training, users will understand that integrated platforms with infrared cameras, and different levels of spatial resolutions, vary from make and model and set distances of the target person. In order to have a safer thermal imaging screening process for elevated body or face temperature, the end user must understand the equipment’s limitations.

“Our professional thermographers can help you and your staff to gain the proper training needed to use infrared fever scanning equipment,” states Gutierrez. “Our goal is to make sure our clients are confident in using this game-changing technology and we are happy to help them from their initial inquiry to implementation and beyond.”

Infrared fever scanning equipment is ideal for use in a wide variety of sectors, including:

• Hotels
• Airports
• Retail stores
• Restaurants
• Cruise ships
• Schools and universities
• Medical facilities
• Food manufacturing and processing workplaces
• And many more

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About the Company

BuildingTech Inspection Services is a team of experienced thermographers who understand the sciences and challenges in obtaining proper temperature measurements. The company is an authorized sales rep for FLIR distributors such as Emitted Energy and EBT integrated platforms, including ICI and other infrared camera manufacturers.

BuildingTech was founded by John Gutierrez, who holds multiple certifications in infrared technology, in addition to many years of experience working in the industry.

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