Antler Funding Backs Malaysian Startup Tackling Networking Challenges

Thu Aug 24, 2023 - 3:46am GMT+0000

The corporate landscape has long witnessed a dynamic interplay between extroverted and introverted individuals, nowhere more pronounced than during networking gatherings.

This circumstance prompted Mole, a Malaysian startup dedicated to crafting an all-encompassing networking platform, to orchestrate a series of events aptly named “I Hate Networking.”

Co-founder and COO, Melly Ling, articulated, “We acknowledge the discomfort that networking can entail, especially for introverts. Mole’s vision is to foster a realm in which professionals engage in networking for genuine connections that transcend mere business transactions.”

Nonetheless, the event series constitutes just the initial facet of Mole’s endeavors. The company is concurrently developing a digital business card infused with near-field communication and QR code technology, with the ultimate goal of rendering networking more efficient while reducing paper waste. This innovative approach positions Mole to enter the traditional business card market, valued at an estimated US$1 billion, as asserted by Mole’s co-founder and CEO, Au Soung Rong.
The company, Mole, recently secured $110,000 in pre-seed funding from Antler, an early-stage VC firm.

Here are the funding details:

Funding amount: $110,000
Lead investors: Antler
Stage: Early Stage

Founded in June 2022, Mole was initially self-funded. This investment will be used to support the development of Mole’s digital business card platform and the launch of a networking app specifically designed for SMEs in Malaysia.

Furthermore, the company has plans to expand its business card platform to other regions of Southeast Asia in the coming year. The platform also offers a range of features to facilitate professional connections and networking, including a messaging system, a contact directory, and event listings.

Erik Jonsson, a partner at Antler, expressed their belief that Mole has the potential to reshape the networking landscape and foster meaningful change in how professionals connect and collaborate.