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AI-based Marketing Tech Startup SilverPush receives US$5M Series B Funding

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19/2/2019 – SilverPush, founded in 2012 by Hitesh Chawla, Aman Nagpal and Vivek Bajpai, is a marketing solutions company that offers context analysis solutions based on artificial intelligence.

The company has presences in more than 10 countries across Asia and Africa including India, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Egypt and more.

With the fresh fund received from the series B funding, SilverPush is looking forward to an expansion to the APAC areas including Hong Kong, Australia and South Korea; and increase their artificial intelligence capabilities to be applied on industries other than advertising in the future.

“Since expanding into Southeast Asia in 2018, our business has grown 100% y-o-y with over 30% revenue clocked by our international business. We’ve seen rising customer appetite for on-demand and multiscreen viewing across the APAC region; and at the same time advertisers and brands have become more open to integrating new technologies in their audience outreach strategies,” said SilverPush chief executive officer Hitesh Chawla

SilverPush’s clients include regional brands Tiger Beer, IndoFood, Unilab, and international brands such as KFC, Coca-Cola, Samsung, BMW, Johnson & Johnson and more.

What sets the company apart from other marketing agencies is their expertise in artificial intelligence that gives their product a special edge to better improve the engagements between the brands and their consumers via cross-device trackings and targeted ads.

The latest product from SilverPush is named mirrors. Launched in 2018, mirrors utilises artificial intelligence and computer vision to detect the context in video content to serve related In-Video Ads, which tackles the misplaced advertisement problem while improving the user experience. That way, advertisers can communicate with their visitors better.

FreakOut Holdings Inc, the leading investor for SilverPush’s round B fund, is a marketing technology platform company based in Tokyo, Japan. The company is founded by Yuzuru Honda with offices in Asia, USA, Russia and the United Arabs Emirates.

“The internet video advertisement industry is growing quickly across the Asia Pacific region. We are strong believers in SilverPush’s high level of technology and outstanding product, and see a huge opportunity for them to grow and scale across APAC.” said Yuzuru Honda

DollarsAndSense acquires Singapore financial planning startup fundMyLife



18/2/2019 – Personal finance media platform has recently made an acquisition of fundMyLife, a local financial planning startup that connects consumers to financial advisors.

Financial details of the acquisition were not revealed, but with this acquisition, DollarsAndSense will add insurtech to its media business.

DollarsAndSense co-founder and managing director Timothy Ho said the deal gives the startup a chance to provide better financial planning insights for Singaporeans, as well as identifying gaps among their financial planning knowledge.

Prior to this, DollarsandSense has been working closely with fundMyLife on multiple areas, including affiliate partnerships, content marketing, and improving engagement with the financial adviser community.

Founded in early 2017, fundMyLife operates a platform that allows users to receive answers from a curated pool of trusted financial advisors via a private Q&A platform.

The approach gave users a reliable source of knowledge, privacy, and a platform to find a financial advisor best suited to their needs, while financial advisers who utilise the platform can access leads of potential customers and make a portfolio alongside client testimonials.

It also allows these advisers to provide additional value for prospects who have already shown an intent to make a financial planning decision, rather than offering those who are still in the stage of deciding the need for insurance.

“For financial advisors, they can focus on what they do best – provide good financial advice and to service their clients – rather than spending unnecessary time trying to get leads inefficiently. I believe this will lead to better outcomes for both consumers and financial advisors,” said Timothy Ho. was founded in 2012 as a publication focused on addressing the personal finance space in Singapore. It supports Singaporean to make better financial decisions through bite-sized articles, infographics, videos, and tools.

“I believe the acquisition of fundMyLife will lead to better outcomes for both consumers and financial advisors. We are committed to make this platform a success for everyone involved,” added Timothy Ho.

Jackie Tan, the co-founder of fundMyLife commented on the deal, saying that “DollarsAndSense brings their expertise in creating original content in the personal finance space, joined with strong branding and reach. I believe fundMyLife will achieve its growth potential in the coming months as a result of this partnership.”

For now, fundMyLife co-founders Jackie Tan and Wesley Goi will remain on board to ensure continuity.