Sule Hair Transplant Clinic has drawn a road map for those to go to Türkiye for hair transplantation

Wed Dec 27, 2023 - 11:15am GMT+0000

The rise in hair transplant prices in the US has opened the door for many to travel abroad. Sule Hair Transplant Clinic in Istanbul, which provides hair transplantation services to thousands of patients worldwide, drew a road map for those going Türkiye from the USA.

Istanbul, Turkey – December 27, 2023

While hair transplant trend is becoming widespread in the USA, many people started to prefer Türkiye more and more. “The clinics in Türkiye, equipped with innovative treatment methods and modern technology, offer a hygienic and comfortable environment to their guests, while also achieving success with their experienced specialists,” said Sule Hair Transplant Clinic Founder Şule Ölmez. 

“We provide hair transplantation and dental treatment services to thousands of patients from all over the world, especially from the USA,” she added. 

Türkiye was chosen as the country that performs hair transplantation at the most affordable cost

Studies demostrate that more people will face intense hair loss in the future. While this vision triggers the strengthening of the global hair transplant market, many US citizens travel to different regions, especially Türkiye, due to the high costs in their countries. Although average hair transplantation cost is 7 thousand 425 dollars worldwide, this price is at least 8 thousand dollars in the USA. Clinics in Türkiye, which provide services with the lowest hair transplantation costs globally, attract the attention of US citizens. Since, in Türkiye, this figure starts from $2,000.

“We have achieved 99% patient satisfaction rate in hair transplantation. This success is an indicator of the personalized treatment approaches and quality of the care we offer to our patients. We see our patients not as customers, but as members of our family. With this approach we create customized treatment plans for everyone who comes to our clinic, according to their needs and expectations,” stated Şule Ölmez.

We accompany our patients throughout the entire process”

Underlining that they focus on providing quality service rather than increasing the number of patients, she commented: “Although we perform fewer operations, we prefer to provide a higher standard of service in each procedure. “We are with our patients not only during the operation but also during the recovery process.”

“After hair transplantation operations, we continue to be in touch with our patients and produce fast and effective solutions to possible problems. Thus, our patients always feel safe. We perform DHI, Sapphire FUE and hybrid hair transplantation procedures in our clinic, which is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and modern medical methods. We also offer services such as eyebrow transplantation, beard transplantation and tricoscopy,” she added.

Treatment combined with at least 4-day Istanbul holiday

Sule Hair Transplant Clinic Founder Şule Ölmez believes that that patients coming from abroad to clinics in Türkiye, one of the top 5 countries that attract the most tourists in the world, must stay in Istanbul for at least 4 days: She explaines why:

“Patients who come to Türkiye need to stay for 4 days to complete various procedures. Since hair transplantation process has already been completed in this process, they could use their remaining time by visiting Istanbul. So much so that this opportunity increases the attractiveness of our clinic for US citizens who are among those foreigners who visit Istanbul the most. We make the most suitable plan for our patients according to the hair transplant package they choose. For instance, in the all-inclusive hair transplant package, we arrange the airport transfer and accommodation. In order for each of our patients to leave Türkiye satisfied, we accompany them from the first meeting to the completion of the recovery process. In this way, we make hair transplantation process a pleasant trip while ensuring that they return to their country happily.” 

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