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SPi Global acquires e-knowledge center Scope to widen KPO

SPi Global is acquiring Scope e-Knowledge Center in a deal that will significantly bolster its content technology and KPO offerings.

Southeast Asia: The Next Major Market in Asia for Founders and...

As China and India’s market are reaching maturity, investors are shifting within the broader Asia economic narrative to Southeast Asia - the last major market left.

Online freight aggregator Blackbuck raises US$30 million from Sands Capital, IFC...

Online freight aggregator Blackbuck which is owned by Zinka Logistics Solutions Pvt. Ltd, has today received an investment commitment of US$30 million in its...

Black Friday Sales Mark All-Time-High With Mobile Revenue Exceeding US$1 Billion

US shoppers went all out on the festivity as Black Friday shopping has yet again surpassed its own milestone with an Adobe report tracking US$3.34 billion from the holiday sales.
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