TVFix Caster Just Launched with Unique Entertainment Options

Thu Jul 16, 2020 - 7:00am GMT+0000

TVFix Caster is offering high quality full HD streaming with access to several video apps like YouTube, Netflix etc. and it also works with Android, iOS and MacOS

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TVFix Caster is a powerful little device that turns any television into a smart one. It has been saving people unbelievable amounts of money across the globe, whether this is because it has allowed them to stop paying for cable, or because they no longer need to invest in a smart TV.

Whatever the reason may be, this streaming device – TVFix Caster Official Site – seems to amaze most buyers. It can play any type of content on any television. This includes programmes and movies available on all the major streaming platforms.

Setup & Functioning of TVFix Caster

The TVFix Caster device is exceptionally easy to set up. There are only four steps to follow so it will be up and running within minutes.

Step One – The device must be connected to the HDMI socket located on the back of any television.
Step Two – It then has to be attached to a power source. A simple USB cable can be used for this.
Step Three – After the television has been switched on, the “HDMI 2” option (this will differ depending on the TV) will need to be selected.
Step Four – The device will have to be paired with the WiFi. Reportedly, this takes no longer than 30 seconds — “It was easier to do than to type this sentence”, product reviewers stated.

On top of all this, it streams ridiculously high-quality videos and imagery. When they developed the TVFix for streaming, they definitely had the words “high definition” in mind. In fact, one elated buyer wrote a TVFix Caster review saying, “The video quality of TVFix is so high that I cancelled my cable TV subscription”. And he isn’t the only one!

Major Benefits of Using TVFix Caster
● Great option for home entertainment
● No complicated apps or cables needed
● Quick and simple setup
● Ready to go out of the box
● Comes in high-quality protective packaging
● Supports a range of video apps including YouTube, Netflix and much more
● Supports a range of photo formats including BMP, JPEG, PNG, GIF and JPG
● High-quality resolution
● Supports full HD
● Works with Android, iOS and MacOS
● Major discounts for buying two or three at a time

TVFix Caster has just been launched and customers have received this new trendy innovation with positive feedback since it helps turn any regular television into a smart television giving access to millions of content via streaming but TVFix Caster has unfortunately fallen prey to those suggesting the product is a sham. However, the sheer amount of raving reviews and positive discussions about it outweigh the negative claims, mostly because customers who actually know how to set the product up can attest to its quality. Find Special Deals at the Official TVFix Site Here.

Choosing a TVFix Caster is proving to be the right choice for its users!

TVFix Caster reviews across the web have stated that this hot product is better than most famous brands available in the market. One buyer claims, “The TVFix streaming device is surprisingly better than Chromecast! It’s faster and easier to install, and doesn’t allow Google to spy on you”. This does ring true since it has higher specifications than the Chromecast device (and a better price point too).

TVFix Caster Tech Specs
● H.265 decoding
● HD 1080p playback
● High resolution, full-HD HDMI output
● 50% faster processing speed
● Made from ABS
● 2.4G radio frequency
● 4K compatible
● Supports AVI, FLV, MKV, MOV, RM, TS and VOB video files
● Supports AAC, APE, FLAC, MP3, OGG, WAV and WMA audio files
● Supports BMP, GIF, JPEG, JPG and PNG picture files

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Some of the basic features about which the buyers all around the world are raving about this seemingly miracle product are ease of setup (“I liked how simple and easy it was to set up” — Buyer from the United States of America), Mirroring option (“Absolutely amazing! Mirrors everything on your phone to your TV. Been using it with all sorts of apps so fart” — US Product User), Simple User guide manuals for easy setup and use (“You get everything you need. All cables, manuals, and the device” — US Product Reviewer), Freedom from poorly managed and average cable service (“With quality this great, why am I paying hundreds of dollars per month on average cable service?” — Another Happy User).

Users around the globe are actually are quite fascinated with the exclusive features that they are offering, some exciting responses that TVFix Caster are getting from its users are “I think this is an amazing item and it did just what it said it would do”. Most customers get to know how to use the device in a matter of minutes, which is why the majority of TVFix Caster users state that the product has helped eliminate their cable bills. They currently have a Special Discount available here.

Although no product is perfect, this device has been reviewed very positively. The only mentioned aspect by customers is the no dock or mount situation. Currently, the streaming gadget might be dangling behind televisions. TVFix Caster is not only a fierce competitor to the major streaming devices, but also, in most users’ opinions, the one and only winner. This comes as no surprise since the developers of this clever gadget have managed to incorporate some seriously high specifications into something that is also easy to use. The fact is, products like this don’t come around often. Missing out on a chance to own a TVFix Caster streaming device would be a regrettable mistake especially because they are expected to sell out relatively soon.

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