InfraDigital Nusantara bags Series A funding for Automating School Management Services

Thu Jul 2, 2020 - 3:43am GMT+0000

Indonesia- based startup InfraDigital Nusantara has raised an undisclosed amount of Series A funding from Taiwan’s AppWorks.

This funding round is a continued investment after their Seed Series at the beginning of last year.

News of funding arrived at the peak of COVID-19, where the pandemic caused 530,000 schools in Indonesia to temporarily close their operations which forced them to turn towards online education.

InfraDigital promptly took measures to help schools at the start of a pandemic, freeing their online payment platform fees and adding free PPDB / PMB (student / student registration) services in the midst of school conditions that must be closed during a pandemic.

“The pandemic has actually encouraged many educational institutions to reassess the decades-old manual process and explore digital options that can optimize work and costs. Since the beginning of the crisis, we have seen many requests to help in various fields of school management, including online student registration, payment and other digital administration functions, “Indah said.
The digital school management startup plans to use the fresh funding to develop more school management services. Moving forward, InfraDigital hopes to expand its footprint to other provinces in Indonesia and eventually become a full- stack digital solution for educational institutions.

InfraDigital is now active in 12 provinces in Indonesia and has been used by more than 350 Educational Institutions and 165 thousand students, from North Sumatra to South Sulawesi.

InfraDigital Co-Founder Indah Maryani said Edtech has enormous potential in improving the quality of education in Indonesia, while increasing the income and living standards of 50 million students going forward.

“This basic infrastructure is very important in bridging the growing inequality between remote schools and urban schools, and ensuring that all students are provided with quality education regardless of their socioeconomic status,” Indah said.

The company is currently dedicating all of its resources to help all new and uninformed educational institutions meet the demands and operational complexity of the Distance Learning policy during the pandemic. Especially during this period of economic uncertainty, the innovative InfraDigital solution helped facilitate the payment and enrollment of students through PPDB / PMB, which ultimately helped schools manage their finances and build a strong operational foundation.

“Schools in Indonesia have long suffered from inefficient cash flows due to the use of paper-based derivative systems. The InfraDigital digitizing service is a win-win solution for parents and educational institutions, making it easier for them to manage the payment of school fees and improve school finance and overall operational activities, “said AppWorks partner Jessica Liu.
“The Education Industry is still in the early stages of digitization, and we have a lot of work to do, lots of schools to reach. We are pleased to have continued support from AppWorks and consider ourselves fortunate to have investors who have long- term vision,” said Ian McKenna.