Well Watches, a start-up which is creating stylish timepieces to help bring clean-drinking water to those around the world

Thu Jul 16, 2020 - 8:27am GMT+0000

Well Watches is a company founded in Cheshire, Connecticut by Adam Lopez and Leonard Stauffer that donates a portion of their proceeds for every watch sold to provide someone access to clean drinking water.

Connecticut, USA – July 16, 2020 /MarketersMedia/

What do timepieces and clean drinking water have to do with each other? Ask the two guys behind the Connecticut-based watch start-up, Well Watches.

Founded by Adam Lopez and Leonard Stauffer, Well Watches began when Lopez hosted a party for his 30th birthday with the goal of raising money for clean drinking water through the platform Charity: water. “I just wanted to do something different and I figured there was no better time than a milestone like my 30th birthday,” explained Lopez.

Lopez had help from local businesses who donated food and drinks for the benefit birthday party. “I was so incredibly surprised, as well as pleased, with how much support I was receiving. I really could not have done it without the help of some awesome people,” he stated. By the end of the evening, Lopez and his friends had raised almost $3,000 to help provide clean drinking water in an underdeveloped country.

Stauffer and Lopez bonded over their interest in watches and the satisfaction one feels while giving back to those less fortunate. “After chatting with Adam at his birthday party, it wasn’t long before he approached me with the idea of a company that eventually became Well Watches,” explained Stauffer.

Today, Well Watches is turning out eye catching timepieces, with $30 from every watch sold being donated to Charity: water. According to Charity: water, $30 is enough money to get one individual clean drinking water in an underdeveloped country.

“We chose Charity: water because it’s a company with such an awesome story and the grass roots growth they’ve had has always been something I’ve admired greatly,” remarks Lopez.

So far, Well Watches has help provide access to clean drinking water in Mali and Madagascar. “Based on the system Charity: water uses, it takes roughly 20-24 months to get full updates on where donations and funds have been allocated. So, as we discover which countries the funds have gone to, we make sure to update our friends and followers on who has benefited from their purchase,” explained Lopez.

Well Watches can be purchased at wearwellwatches website. You can also follow them in Instagram (@wearwellwatches) or reach out to them via email also(contact@wearwellwatches.com).

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