The Wolf Club Debuts its Unique NFT for Wolf-Lovers

Mon Apr 4, 2022 - 5:05pm GMT+0000

Netherlands – March 22, 2022

The Wolf Club is aiming to combine the protection of wolves and money-making in its new NFT project.

Non-Fungible Tokens, or NFTs as they are popularly known, have completely taken over the crypto industry. Similarly, the massive wealth transfer taking place in the NFT community has continued to attract people who desire to make their fortunes in the space. What particularly sets NFTs apart from other money-making ventures is that it is not restricted to a select few. People from all walks of life can get engaged in the space and begin to make money. This ease of entry is a major reason for the increase in the number of new entrants making their debut in the space. One of such entrants that is set to make their mark on the NFT industry is The Wolf Club.

The Wolf Club (TWC) is a pack of 8641 smart and unique 3D wolves that are stored on the Ethereum blockchain. More than 300 designed elements were used to create these unique meta wolves. So The Wolf Club is not only offering a provably-rare piece of art or digital avatar to its members, they are also giving them an opportunity to own a valuable NFT asset.

Becoming an exclusive member of The Wolf Club comes with perks and offerings that can’t be gotten anywhere else. Some of the benefits include discounts and exclusive merchandise drops on partner websites, holder-exclusive giveaways, contests, priority in future collections, and many more. What’s more, everyone who gets a hold of the 8641 meta wolves will receive a free physical gift as a form of appreciation. Members will also gain access to the TWC Clubhouse in the Metaverse, and can fully build in The Sandbox. In addition, members will get to show the world that they are part of an exclusive group through their picture for proof (pfp) which can be displayed on social media. 

The Wolf Club is a community-driven enterprise with a strong international network that encourages input from its members. So members are encouraged to tap into its close-knit community and make their contributions to the growth of the project.

Plans are also underway to give back to the society. In the phase 4 of the project, The Wolf Club will design some super unique wolves for a good cause. On the day of the unveiling, TWC will donate $25,000 to a charity to protect wolves in various parts of the world. More protected species are also expected to join the wolves in future. This is in keeping with the project’s belief in the power of cooperation and unity.

The Wolf Club is founded by entrepreneurs and experts in fields like art, business, blockchain, and more. These founders first met through online NFT communities and have come together to strengthen the decentralized space. The talented artists behind The Wolf Club have strong backgrounds in the gaming industry and have worked with some of the well-known game studios. 

On why they chose the wolf to be their NFT symbol, the founders say, “Wolves are very intelligent animals and place great value on group and unity. Wolves are true leaders. We can’t think of a better representation to go to the Metaverse. Our wolf is future-proof and upgraded to the next level.”

The Wolf Club can be minted directly on the website, on launch day, or on Opensea.

Contact Info:
Name: Sabis Co
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Organization: The Wolf Club
Address: Netherlands

Release ID: 89071460