StargateDAO Gives You Access to Real-life Bars, Lounges With Robot Bartenders

Fri Apr 1, 2022 - 1:00pm GMT+0000

San Francisco, CA,USA – March 21, 2022

StargateDAO has a unique mission—to provide places for Web3 communities to meet in real life. Their plan is to develop Stargate bars and lounges with member-only access. But, there’s a catch. The bartenders and baristas at each bar will be robots! In the long term, the team aims to expand into international cities chosen by the members of the DAO.

The Stargate NFT collection by StargateDAO drops next month

The Stargate NFT collection includes 10,000 unique digital collectibles on the Solana blockchain. All in all, the collection offers 7 different Starship rarities. In fact, the genesis collection is equivalent to 7 different NFT collections combined into one. All the NFTs in the collection are algorithmically generated from more than 320 unique traits. This includes starship type, terrain, atmosphere, add-ons, laser colour, and more.

Actually, these NFTs work as utility-first NFT membership passes that grant access to member-only bars and lounges. Besides, holders get a chance to receive exclusive airdrops and future Stargate and Sidechain rewards. Each starship type will also earn you discounts at the lounges. Apart from these perks, NFT holders will automatically become part of the Stargate DAO, where they can vote on decisions about future benefits, royalty decisions, and more.

Moreover, anyone who collects a complete fleet of 7 Starships types will enjoy added benefits. For example, the LED screens at the member-only events, bars, and lounges will dynamically change to the colour scheme of the rarest holder.

As mentioned, StargateDAO’s primary aim is to set up real-life lounges and bars. Therefore, the team will use proceeds from the mint and resale royalties to open high-end Stargate lounges and bars for their members. Additionally, some of the proceeds will go towards supporting membership benefits and achieving short and long-term roadmap goals.

Of the 10,000 NFTs, 8,000 will be available for minting. The team will pool the remaining 2,000 NFTs as earnable rewards on Sidechain, their NFT ticketing and rewards platform.

How to sign up for the whitelist

StargateDAO’s first NFT collection drops at 7 pm PST on April 16, 2022. Each NFT will cost 2 SOL. For a limited time, you have a chance to sign up for the StargateDAO whitelist (WL) to get early access to the drop. To do so, sign up on sidechain and connect your Phantom wallet.

Once this sign-up period is over, StargateDAO will curate a selective WL. Basically, they will invite select partner projects to participate. Apparently, those who achieve the following milestones will receive WL access too:

·      Reach 1500 Sidechain Clout through referrals and Daily Spins

·      Invite 10 people to the StargateDAO Discord server

·      Get recognised by team members, admins, and moderators for being a great community member

StargateDAO is off to a promising start. To learn more about the project, make sure to check their website. You can get all the latest updates from their Twitter page and Discord server.

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