Lux: First Residential in Metaverse, Access from the Comfort of your Home

Fri Apr 1, 2022 - 1:00pm GMT+0000

Stockholm, Sweden – March 21, 2022

LUX is a Real Estate VR/AR/PC based metaverse on the Solana blockchain that has a powerful vision to offer immersive VR experience in the Metaverse by claiming to bring together the best-in-class crypto through NFTs, entertainment, gaming, residential, e-commerce and more. While much of the fantasized metaverse is open and free to all, people need space. LUX will give them a space to be on their own, a space to hang out with friends or host their own events.

The LUX ecosystem relies on the $LUX Token (Solana blockchain), which is the native token. It is vital to own one if users wish to participate in all the activities within the LUX ecosystem. Therefore, it acts as a key to access the virtual world of LUX.

Blockchain: Solana

Token: $LUX

NFT Marketplace: Magic Eden, FTX, Solanart

Supply: 10 billion $LUX tokens

Every token needs to have utilities, $LUX token has several of them:

The connection: Lux will make it easy to experience the virtues of the virtual world. Users can enjoy different social situations and cut yourself from the real world when it’s needed. Lux makes it easy to participate in games or virtual meet-ups by joining through PC or VR. That way, users can hang out with their friends or family literally anywhere.

The avatar: People have a choice to design their own character according to their personal preferences. Users can easily create avatars, and therefore, become whoever you want to be.

The entertainment: Users can attend various social events with a  personalized avatar, for example music, gaming, or sport events, without leaving the comfort of house physically. In order to access the Lux entertainment area (where concerts, casinos, gaming and other attractions will be located), the user needs to own a LUX Entertainment Card that can be bought on Magic Eden Marketplace for Solana. Holding one of these NFT’s also opens up P2E and Lux Staking opportunities. When not using it, users will be able to rent the card.

The Staking: If a user stakes a fixed amount of $LUX, they will be qualified for a unique role within the LUX community. The roles will have multiple benefits, such as making a person eligible for discounts within the platform, future airdrops, and more.

Purchasable Items: Users can buy digital goods as NFTs by using $LUX. Those goods will be usable within the LUX environment.

P2E: LUX will offer play-to-earn games where players can monetize their time while playing video games.

Real Estate

Users can buy real estate in the LUX metaverse. Each NFT has a different tier and supply, and represents real estate ownership in the Lux Metaverse. It is possible to invite visitors and visit others’ virtual homes, too.

But what will owning a piece of LUX real estate mean for an investor? It will act as a keycard to the residential area, granting access to customisable apartment. It will also unlock “Stay to Earn” token rewards, and will allow users to rent out property for $LUX. It will also grant access to the community spaces, where the club houses are located. Within the property there will be integrated VR live streaming, NFT displays, and the ability to customize furniture and features.

LUX has gained wide recognition among NFT enthusiasts. For example, the LUX real estate mint was a massively over-subscribed event, which sold out quickly. In addition, collaborations with leading brands and projects will be involved as they have been working on bringing Solana communities together.

“I’ve been monitoring LUX for a while, and have been greatly impressed with the professionalism of the team. They have expertise and experience delivering VR products to blue chip clients, and are growing the company organically. If you read the Lux Whitepaper it is clear that they have a genuinely innovative and long-term vision.” Said a spokeperson of LUX

The spokeperson further adds on “ Although LUX is an early stage Metaverse start-up, I see a lot of potential. It has a 100% doxxed team with excellent credentials, and they appear to be hitting targets consistently. The team actively communicates on Twitter and their Discord channel with regular announcements and updates. The community has also grown significantly in the last months, suggesting there is genuine interest in the project. I really like what I’m seeing with LUX and believe that this project could build a compelling ecosystem that serves multiple use cases.”

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