World’s Leading E-scooter Manufacturer Yadea Launches Edge-cutting Premium Product at EICMA 2018

Sun Nov 18, 2018 - 2:06pm GMT+0000

Yadea, the world’s leading E-scooter maker, launched its premium product, G5, at the EICMA Motorcycle Show 2018 in Milan, Italy, on November 6, sharing the global spotlight with top marques including Ducati, Harley-Davidson and BMW.

The debut of Yadea, China’s No. 1 E-Scooter brand, on the world’s luxury motorcycle show, epitomizes China’s transformation from the world’s low-end workshop, to a sophisticated industrial base excelling in innovation, design and smart manufacturing.

Yadea’s new product launch also reflects China’s growing international clout, as indigenous brands such as Huawei, Xiaomi, and BYD increasingly win global recognition and market share.
At EICMA, 20-year-old Yadea, also known as the world’s leading manufacturer of new energy bikes, publicized its core technology, and also unveiled its new global branding, and marketing strategies.

G5 heralds Yadea’s new generation of smart, light E-Scooters powered by lithium batteries, and represents the culmination of years of painstaking research by an international team of professionals. As the industry’s standard-bearer, G5 is China’s first E-scooter product that passed EU’s relentlessly stringent certification process.

Representing Yadea’s new generation of smart E-scooters, G5 embraces brand-new design methodology and high-precision manufacturing process. Yadea’s new product series installed independently-developed GTR3.0 motors and Panasonic 18650 lithium batteries, also adopting PACK technologies that were certified by Panasonic.

G5 models with top configurations can cruise maximum 120 kilometers after charging, and batteries can be recharged 800 times. G5s are also equipped with a new generation of Light Emitting Diode (LED) system, as well as Self-Supporting Run-flat Tires which are universally used in the auto industry.

Being a “smart” E-scooter, G5 installs a new-version of 7-inch wide screen, and its “smart” central control system, with the help of dedicated app, can conduct fault inspections, location mapping and function-setting.

Meanwhile, G5 allows riders to start the E-scooter with press of a button, or using the ITO touch-start mode. To ensure safety, a super-powerful anti-theft Global Positioning System (GPS) is installed inside G5.

The Yadea G5, which is redefining premium E-scooters with its ground-breaking manufacturing prowess and smart technologies, will be formally launched globally next year with a price tag of roughly 3,299 euros.

Going forward, Yadea will compete directly with global premium brands such as Vespa and BMW. To strengthen its competitiveness in the high-end arena, Yadea plans to introduce manufacturing processes applied in car-making, as well as industrial design adopted by top brands, so as to give a boost in quality and style to Yadea’s premium E-scooter series.

Over the past few years, Yadea-branded products have been sold in 77 countries including the United States, Germany and Japan, registering over 4 million in annual sales, and accounting for 11.7 percent of the global E-scooter market.

With the launch of its new series of products, Yadea will soon set up a series of flagship stores in overseas markets such as the U.S. and Germany, so as to provide customers a globally-uniform experience in sales and services.