STAR Foundation’s Therapy Retreat Announces New Date for their 10-Day Intensive Healing Retreat

Wed Apr 6, 2022 - 2:48pm GMT+0000

Tubac, AZ – March 24, 2022

On May 13, 2022, the STAR Foundation will host a 10-day therapeutic retreat in the foothills of the Tumacacori Mountains, south of Tucson, Arizona. Since the 1970s, STAR has been hosting healing retreats to help people through their healing processes. Generations of people have benefited from STAR’s intensive therapy workshops, focused on releasing people from negative behaviors and opening up new potentials and possibilities. Over the years, hundreds of therapists have sent clients to STAR, to accelerate their healing and deepen therapeutic work back home. 

“Clients are often plagued by simple negative beliefs that creep into their lives and can ruin careers and relationships, but be very difficult to stop,” reports Licensed Clinical Social Worker Kay Rachelson, a STAR graduate who has operated an Atlanta-based therapeutic practice for decades. Rachelson has regularly looked to STAR to deepen the healing process for many of her individual therapeutic clients and shift those core negative beliefs.   

STAR helps participants investigate life scripts that frequently originated in early childhood: patterns of thinking and behavior that helped people survive and get through childhood and adolescence, but may not be as helpful in adulthood. Some patterns need to be released if individuals are to move forward and create something new. STAR is life-changing in that it helps break through and dislodge repetitive thinking and beliefs so that individuals can choose for themselves how to feel and react rather than automatically responding within the old templates.

When facing heightened external stress, many of us revert back to old, outdated coping strategies. Since the onset of the pandemic, many individuals have fallen back on old habits and ways of being that are limiting and even destructive. Today, many individuals are dealing with increased anxiety and depression, emotions that “many are feeling as a consequence of the pandemic that has changed the way we live” observes Rachelson.” At STAR, individuals examine the root causes of their anxiety and depression, examining their present circumstances as well as the deeper foundations of their emotional experience.

STAR peels back the layers of emotion, exploring key life events, setbacks, wounds, traumas, and disappointments. Simultaneously, STAR plums the depths of our experience for the gold, the joy, the beauty of our lives and our stories. Beneath the wounds, the shadows, the masks we wear, there is something beautiful, authentic, and sacred. STAR helps people find their way back to the gold, back to the heart, to the place of quiet knowing, joy, and love. STAR encourages individuals to take the path down and through to access their own healing. Give the shadow its due if you want to access the light within.   

One STAR graduate reflected on her 10-day process: “Thinking about STAR always has me feel love…very much like remembering the birth of my children. There was pain and incredible hard work, and also my heart just cracked open in love.” Another graduate framed his experience: “I have had a great shift in my thinking and in my body. It might have saved my life. Before I came to STAR I was flatlining. Since being here, I’ve been resuscitated and come back to life!” 

 The STAR process facilitates emotional breakthroughs, transformations, and enables people to return home with a completely different perspective of themselves and their lives. If you are considering a reboot, a new way of being and showing up in your life, STAR may be the ideal experience for you.

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