Seattle’s startup Whalesync secures $1.8M for app data syncing.

Thu Jan 26, 2023 - 4:00am GMT+0000

Seattle-based startup Whalesync has secured $1.8 million in funding for its no-code data synchronization solutions, aimed at helping companies seamlessly integrate their data across different software applications.

Heading the company is CEO Curtis Fonger, who previously founded Appetas, a startup in Seattle specializing in creating customizable websites for restaurant owners with integrations to delivery services like OpenTable and GrubHub. Appetas was acquired by Google in 2014, where Fonger served as an engineer for six years.

Co-founder Matthew Busel brings his experience as a former product manager at MakeSpace and as a software consultant at Thylacine Capital to the Whalesync team. Prior to that, he founded Referralboard, a Slack integration that rewarded users with points for referring employees to their managers.

Fonger and Busel initially crossed paths through Y Combinator’s founder matching platform, becoming the first startup to graduate from YC’s accelerator program after connecting through this networking opportunity.

Whalesync offers a no-code tool that empowers businesses to harmonize their data across various software applications, simplifying data management by consolidating inputs into a single spreadsheet. This approach is particularly beneficial for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), which often rely on automation tools to transfer data between applications.

In comparison to existing methods used by larger enterprises, such as ETL (extract, transfer, load) and reverse-ETL pipelines for data movement, Whalesync has developed innovative technology to streamline the setup process and make data synchronization accessible to SMBs.

While specific revenue figures remain undisclosed, Busel revealed that the company has already attracted “hundreds of customers.” Early adopters include Alchemy’s Dapp Store, which utilizes Whalesync’s technology to synchronize Airtable and Webflow, in addition to powering Webflow’s events calendar.

Whalesync faces competition from established file synchronization companies like Zapier and HubSpot, the latter of which acquired the data synchronization platform PieSync in 2019.

The startup’s pre-seed funding has been provided by YC, Ascend, Liquid2, Soma, and other investors.