SPi Global acquires e-knowledge center Scope to widen KPO

Fri Jun 15, 2018 - 2:05pm GMT+0000
SPi Global
SPi Global acquires e-knowledge center Scope to widen KPO

SPi Global

15/6/2018 – Philippines-based technology and data science firm SPi Global has announced the complete acquisition of knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) firm Scope e-knowledge Center from India’s PE-backed Quattro Group.

No financial details of the transaction were revealed, but SPi Global said the acquisition is part of its plan to expand in the content technology and knowledge service industry.

Commenting on the deal, Scope president Tram Venkatraman described the acquisition as a highly strategic step forward and a good move for the company.

Founded in 1987, Scope e-Knowledge Center is based in Chennai. The company provides content and data enrichment solutions to publishers, information providers, and professional societies.

It claims to be specialized in the areas of taxonomy and ontology, abstracting, indexing, health science solutions, and database services with their content sourced from delivery centers in Chennai and Salem in Tamil Nadu, India.

Scope is one of the five businesses operating under Quattro Group, whose investors include PE firm Olympus Capital Holdings Asia, VC firm Walden International, and asset management firm The DE Shaw Group.

SPi, on the other hand, provides specialized business process outsourcing services to research and education publishers.

Their services cover the entire value chain for publishers, from author support and content development through copyediting and typesetting to digitization, database management, and database analytics.

“The deal will reinforce our ongoing efforts to build a sophisticated suite of solutions for data-discovery and smart content in STM publishing, healthcare and a wide spectrum of professional content segments,” said Ratan Datta, the President and CEO of SPi Global.

SPi serves its clients in 14 languages through 12 delivery operations internationally and employs nearly 15,000 people in the Philippines, India, United States, China, Nicaragua, and Vietnam.