Red Flags Brewing Company Launches Innovative Approach to Promote Safer Dating at Bars

Sun Apr 3, 2022 - 11:00pm GMT+0000

United States – March 22, 2022

People go on dates to get to know each other better and see if they are compatible. However, they often cover up their true personalities with flashy ways of dressing, expensive makeup, beautiful smiles, nice tuxedos, and more which can conceal their true feelings and identity. It may be difficult to point out the problems with a person on the first date, but Red Flags Brewing Company is pleased to announce its novel approach to help people identify possible red flags when on a date.

The Texas-based Brewing Company recently launched the Red Flags beer, which is intended to help people and bartenders alert others to the potential red flags of those they date. While it is hard to walk up to someone and question them being with a bad person or someone unfit for them, people can simply order the Red Flags beer and have it served to someone with a wrong date.

“Bartenders or friends need a subtle way to tell people who you are flirting with is bad news, or there are red flags,” stated JoAnn Kemble, CFO and Co-Founder of Red Flags Brewing Company. Kadin Loehr, the CEO of Red Flags, added, “It is about time we have a beer that will help promote safer dating while at bars, but is also a fun way to tell your friends they never see the red flags.”

Red Flags is committed to changing the beer and hard seltzer industry by providing a safe and fun product. The beer will provide an excellent way for bartenders to help people out on someone that is bad news without saying it. On the flip side, it is fun to order a Red Flag to show friends the red flags they may never see.

To help with completing the Red Flags beer project, the company has launched an Indiegogo campaign. The campaign will help Red Flags secure a 10,800 sq. ft facility for the brewing and storage of the beer. It will help the company get its operational license and other things necessary for the production of Red Flags. To support the Indiegogo campaign, please visit

Furthermore, the campaign page has a video by CEO Kadin Loehr where he explains what the company is involved with regarding the Red Flags beer project and how the funds raised from the campaign will be used.

About Red Flags Brewing Company

Red Flags Brewing Company is a veteran and family-owned business. Based out of Seguin, Texas, the company has great access to interstate 10 and 35. The company has two missions: create safety with beer and fun and laughs between family and friends. It was led by Kadin Loehr, a U.S. Army veteran. At 26, Kadin had a vision for a beer company and set out to make that company soar. He has spent long hours searching for suppliers, buildings, equipment, and market research to ensure all the correct steps are taking place.

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