2019 Swiss Dupeak Forum

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China Switzerland (Hefei) International Cooperation Forum On Biomedical Technology Industry

On October 23, 2019 Swiss Dupeak Forum, China Switzerland (Hefei) International Cooperation Forum On Biomedical Technology Industry was held in Anhui Innovation Museum, Anhui province, China. Prof. Éric Westhof, a famous French molecular biologist, academician of the French Academy of Sciences and the executive editor of RNA magazine, Prof. Olivier Pironneau, academician, the deputy president of the French Academy of Sciences and director of international exchange affairs, Dr. Yu Junying, chairman of Anhui Nuwacell Ltd (his research team successfully prepared the first case of Chinese general-purpose induced pluripotent stem cells), and Prof. Wang Junfeng ,the researcher of the Center for Strong Magnetic Field of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, deputy director of the Center for Magnetic Resonance Life Sciences, Prof. Thomas Kündig, immunology and molecular biology expert, clinical director of Zurich University Hospital, as well as more than 400 famous scientists, young scholars and enterprise representatives from China and Europe, including researchers in biomedical field in the universities inside and outside the province, representatives of some fund companies, attended the meeting. The conference was hosted by Chen Lin, director of Anhui Innovation Museum, and Professor Lisha Zha, co-founder of Swiss Dupeak Forum.

The theme of the Forum was ‘gathering the elite technological forces of Chinese and Swiss and promoting the cooperation of the biomedical technology industry’. The forum included the opening ceremony, keynote speech, special speech, project roadshow, master salon and a series of activities. It aimed to build a transnational, cross-professional, interdisciplinary exchange and cooperation platform through the exchanges and cooperation in the field of biomedical technology and industry between China and Switzerland. And it not only made top scientists and entrepreneurs worldwide interacting face-to-face, but also helped the technological innovation and the application promotion of the biomedical industry. The conference promoted the deep integration of government, industry, university, research, user and fund, built a bridge for bilateral communication and cooperation in expanding international market, high-tech introduction and transfer, high-end talent introduction, industrial base construction and operation, project investment and financing M & A, and achieved mutual benefit and win-win results.

Scene of the keynote speech

In this DuPeak Forum, there was a master salon section specially invited experts Prof. Olivier Pironneau, Prof. Éric Westhof, Dr. Thomas Kündig, Prof. Martin Bachmann, Prof. Wang Junfeng and Prof. Yu Junying to focus on hot topics in the industry, analyze frontier technologies and development trends in biomedical field from a professional perspective, and deliver the latest, most comprehensive and in-depth professional views and the industry trends, analysis of industry hot spots.

Scene of the master salon

At the master salon, the experts exchanged the environment and ideas of scientific research in different countries. The master salon discussed how to make scientific research achievements, how scientists deal with the capital parties or the investment environment of different countries, etc. The on-site discussion at the meeting was intense, which brought a feast of the collision between science and industry to the audience.

On the 24th, the DuPeak Forum ended perfectly. It focused on biomedical technology and industry of China and Switzerland, and adhered to the principle of open cooperation, co-construction and sharing. It had made great contributions to strengthening international cooperation between China and Switzerland and its neighboring countries, such as Germany, France, Italy and other major European countries in the fields of biopharmaceutical and immunology, docking each other’s development strategies, promoting the rapid development of bilateral biological immune technology and related industries, realizing complementary advantages and promoting common development. The successful holding of the second DuPeak Forum built a bridge for the transformation of ‘scientific research’ and ‘industry’, further promoted the docking of development strategies between China and Switzerland, deepened the partnership, gathered the strength of China and Switzerland, helped the technological innovation and application promotion of biological industry, and achieved win-win cooperation.

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