ObvioHealth Team to Aid Firms Struggling with Decentralized Trials

Wed Mar 30, 2022 - 3:00pm GMT+0000

Orlando,United States – March 17, 2022

Today, ObvioHealth, a virtual research organization, launched a new initiative with 1nHealth, an AI-based recruiting specialist. Both firms believe that industry interest in decentralized and hybrid trials is outstripped by experience, and they expect that their newly formed collaboration will benefit drug researchers in their move to remote and siteless clinical trials.

Both firms launched the effort earlier this week, stating that it would focus on decentralized trials that are underperforming due to inadequate design, unclear recruiting strategies, and mismatched technology alternatives. ObvioHealth CEO Ivan Jarry told Fierce Biotech that “there are likely to be many trials in need of support” and cited the drug industry’s lack of familiarity with decentralized studies as one of the most major challenges.

Additionally, he said that there are intricacies to decentralized clinical trials that might cause drug researchers some difficulties along the road, and that many traditional businesses lack the knowledge necessary to anticipate these possible challenges throughout the study design. “Legacy CROs and sponsors often have blind spots because the traditional way of conducting trials is so ingrained in their ways of working.” said Jarry.

Another difficulty noted is determining where and when they may encounter participants who are hesitant to wear monitoring technology, pointing out that they discovered women in warmer climates did not want to wear a heart rate monitor due to how visible it can be when wearing lighter clothing, and that the majority of traditional CROs and sponsors are unaware of this due to a lack of experience.

Engaging with participants is a critical feature of these sorts of experiments. Typically, this is handled by the on-site staff in traditional trials, but virtual studies frequently overlook this link. This is where both ObvioHealth and 1nHealth will leverage the concept of a “virtual site team” to engage study participants via a number of various channels.

ObvioHealth and 1nHealth have already collaborated in this new endeavor and are building on an earlier engagement that started before the COVID-19 pandemic brought the issue of decentralized clinical trials to light.

1nHealth CEO Dan Brenner mentioned the following to Fierce Biotech: “We reduce friction between recruitment and enrollment because we’ve worked on multiple studies together. Minimizing the gap between the recruitment funnel and the clin-ops funnel is key to reducing enrollment bottlenecks.”

According to Brenner, 1nHealth employs artificial intelligence tools to attract patients who are unreachable through traditional techniques, a process that is four times faster than the typical industry recruiting rate.

To find out more about ObvioHealth and how they are pioneering the age of digital clinical trials, see their website at the URL provided: https://www.obviohealth.com/

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