How Transmed Guarantees Consistency For Clients

Tue Jul 7, 2020 - 2:48pm GMT+0000

The businesses Transmed caters to includes both fancy restaurants and casual diners, offering a wide range of food brands to choose from. It even meets the product requirements of hotels and airlines which need a bulk supply of food items on a daily basis.

Beirut, Lebanon – July 7, 2020 /MarketersMedia/

Ever heard of the phrase ‘consistency is the key’? Well, this is particularly applicable to the dynamic economy of today. Customers are approaching businesses that provide superior products and that too with consistency.

The food industry is at a further risk if there are gaps in the distribution of products. This is because food products are often supplied to businesses either on a weekly or at times even a daily basis. There is a great risk of maintaining quality and not to mention the health hazard involved. Many times food that does not meet the set standards is discarded, which means heavy losses for the business and the unfortunate wastage as well.

Transmed is proud to be the full service distributor of various global consumer brands. It maintains an efficient supply chain to customers and thus adds to the convenience of its clients. Remaining up-to-date with your deliveries is essential, which is why Transmed has made it possible for clients to receive real-time tracking details. The purpose of this transparency is to keep these businesses in the loop. This way they can ensure that their pantry is being instantly restocked without unnecessary delay. Clients can access not only delivery details but other data such as their account status and other relevant information on their order.

The logistic capacity of Transmed allows them to store all kinds of consumer goods, whether they are long-lasting dry products or food items that easily go bad. There is a great possibility that at the wrong temperature or moisture level products can get spoil. The fully mechanized and automated facilities managed by Transmed keep the food fresh and secure, while meeting the required health and safety standards.

There are businesses based on varying channels which can benefit from the services provided by Transmed. Whether you are a large wholesale supermarket or a small-scale grocery store, our company caters to your needs accordingly. Other channels such as pharmacies, cinemas and petrol stations are also among our clients. They require specific products from specific brands, so we are prompt with our deliveries and guarantee to stock up on goods from their desired brands.

The Transmed team is dedicated and focused. The qualified group of employees is divided on the basis of their expertise into several categories. Apart from the essential departments we have a sales team aimed at keeping an uninterrupted communication with our clients. Another group is committed to sustaining long-term relationships with the superior brands we work with.

Imagine being a restaurant owner who has to organize all the factors that come together to form a profitable business. This would include hiring employees that are qualified and well-suited to the job. Then there must be frequent observation to make certain they are completing the assigned tasks. Apart from this you must be aware of your competitors so that at all times your restaurant performance remains unsurpassed.

Keeping a check on customer satisfaction is another important duty you must fulfill. After all it is the customers that make or break any business. In the food sector particularly, customers tend to remain loyal; if they like your food quality and service, not only will they return again, but they are bound to recommend it to others. Among all these concerns and challenges, it is comforting when working with a supplier who guarantees timely delivery and has years of experience as well as trusted partners to back that claim.

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