Golden Equator Capital raises two private capital funds totaling US$90M

Wed Jul 3, 2019 - 7:31am GMT+0000

Golden Equator Capital 1

03/07/2019 – Golden Equator Capital (GEC) announced yesterday via a press release two successful funding private capital funds totaling US$90M for the growth capital of an unspecified public listed company in the region. The fresh capital will be focused on the company’s efforts in the infrastructure, energy, and financial sector.

Institutional and accredited investors in Singapore, Japan and Korea joined the funds.

GEC is a Singapore based fund management company, known previous investments include Singaporean proptech startup Ohmyhome and Indonesian e-commerce platform Sorabel, among others.

Jacob Jiwon Kim, Managing Partner (Private Capital) of Golden Equator Capital, said, “Asia has historically been a market financed by Western banks, but with these lenders scaling back in Asia in the last decade, the gap in the much-needed growth-financing for Asia’s emerging economies has been growing. At the same time, there is a lot of capital in developed Asian markets such as Japan and Korea that’s looking for investments with stronger returns than their domestic markets. With our strong regional network and market expertise, we are well poised to curate investment opportunities in Southeast Asia for investors from developed Asian markets.”

Both funds were led by Kim, who boasts an impressive background. Having worked for multiple government and financial institutions as a corporate strategy and acquisition specialist in the Asia Pacific region.

Following the success of both private capital funds, GEC is looking to raise a blind fund in the range of US$200M in the year 2020, potentially launching more project funds. Focusing on companies and projects in the Southeast Asian region, the private capital funds will be covering private debt and mezzanine financing to provide growth capital for acquisitions and business expansion purposes.

“In the next five years, Asia will be a strong source of growth for the global economy. This will be driven by infrastructure, energy, finance, and technology. Beyond the more mature and competitive Western markets, private debt markets in Asia offer an untapped reserve of opportunity, especially the emerging Asian markets. We can contribute to this growth by using Singapore as a base to continually connect the markets in the Southeast Asian region with the broader Asia Pacific region, through our Golden Equator Group’s deep networks in these markets,” added Kim.

Golden Equator Capital is a subsidiary of Golden Equator Group together with Golden Equator Wealth, Golden Equator Consulting, Asia Finance, and SPECTRUM.