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Petaluma,United States – March 22, 2022

Dr. Tracy Thomas, PhD, the world’s first Emotional Scientist©, renowned psychologist, and Wall Street Journal best-selling author of The Commitments: A Step-by-Step Guide to Personal Transformation, says that although traditional talk therapy can be helpful, in many cases, what a person benefits most from is being on faster track to the life they want – and it’s possible even for those with lifelong emotional struggles.

Living in Intention Instead of in Reaction

Dr. Tracy explains that in traditional talk therapy, there can be a significant focus on a person’s past, dredging up painful memories and trying to make sense of them. But this causes the individual to go backwards, instead of forward into the future they want. In other words, it keeps the person stuck in a reactive cycle, rather than one that is intentional. “Instead of thinking of what hasn’t worked in the past, being connected to what you want and aligned with your intentions is what’s most beneficial for you,” she explains.

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For example, if someone struggles with anxiety, talking a lot about their anxiety isn’t going to help them become less anxious. “People don’t want to talk about problems; they want to talk about intentions,” says Thomas. What is going to help is when they focus on what they want to be, whether it’s calm, happy, purposeful, or something else.

Knowing what you want is the first important step, but you also need to know how to implement it. “If someone wants an outcome, it’s the strategy that makes that happen,” says Thomas.

This is why Thomas’ INTENTIONAL TRAINING© programs are so effective. Thomas and her team routinely work with influential, high-impact individuals to help them replace anxiety and other emotional struggles with productivity and mastery of their craft. “Instead of feeling anxiety, you’re trained to feel productivity. We are transformational strategists for people, not therapists,” she says. No one wants therapy ,they want their most intentional reality.

Dr. Tracy Thomas, affectionately known as, “Dr. T,” is a Wall St. Journal, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble best-selling author and the world’s first Emotional Scientist, who specializes in helping highly-driven people harness their emotional strength and live an elevated life.

Designed specifically for high-level achievers, she’s created a groundbreaking method that goes beyond “coping techniques” and surface-level strategies. It’s the path to rapid emotional transformation and material success. You can learn more about Dr. Tracy at DrTracyInc.com, where you can book a free transformation consultation to assess your intentional capacity compared to what you’d like it to be, allowing you to get a highly valuable assessment of what it takes for you to become your most intentional self, putting distracting and impacting reactivity in the rear view mirror, and making focus, creativity, productivity and prosperity a way of life.

Much more on how to fast-track your top emotional health and material success can also be found in Dr. Tracy’s book, The Commitments, which is an Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Wall St. Journal bestseller. https://www.drtracyinc.com/the-commitments

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