Thrive Global APAC Announces Partnership with Thrive HR Exchange to Offer Workplace Wellness Solutions for Southeast Asia

Mon Nov 23, 2020 - 9:49am GMT+0000

Singapore, 23 November 2020: Thrive Global Asia Pacific (APAC) and Thrive HR Exchange (powered by ChapmanV) have announced a partnership to address wellness in workplaces throughout Southeast Asia, thereby enabling businesses to facilitate wellbeing and help drive engagement and performance.

Thrive Global, a leading corporate behavior change tech company, was founded by the Huffington Post’s Arianna Huffington in 2016 after she faced her own personal struggles with burnout at work. To date, the organization has helped over 100 businesses globally to drive wellness and productivity in their workforces through its behaviour change technology. In September, Thrive Global partnered with Monash University to launch Thrive Global APAC to share Thrive’s vision and values across the Asia Pacific region. Monash Business School was the first business school in the world to embed Thrive Global programs at the core of its prestigious Global Executive MBA program.

Founded by Matt Chapman of ChapmanCG, a global premier HR Executive Search firm, and Stephanie Nash, a Global HR Leader with more than 25 years’ experience, Thrive HR Exchange is a global community platform bringing together HR professionals and people leaders to co-create the future of work. A dynamic, positive force for progress in the industry, Thrive HR Exchange offers compassionate support, meaningful collaboration, dedicated mentorship and best practice sharing to make the HR leaders of today – and tomorrow – become agents of change within their industries.

Speaking on the new partnership with Thrive HR Exchange, Thrive Global APAC Managing Director, Professor Alex Christou says, “When we were looking to expand across the region, Thrive HR Exchange not only had the capabilities and network we know are in need of our tools, but also the synergies, shared values and commitment to workplace wellness and change that we embody. Wellbeing is not one-size-fits-all for every employee, and together with Matt and Stephanie, we look forward to extending Thrive Global’s distinctive and enriching programs throughout Asia Pacific.”

Thrive Global’s platform currently offers six programs developed in partnership with the world’s leading scientific institutions, as well as a behavioural change platform which uses AI and machine learning to create an engaging, personalized experience that helps move individuals from awareness to action. The Thrive Platform allows for a measurable and flexible approach in addressing organizations unique needs. Through the new partnership, members of Thrive HR Exchange will have access to Thrive Global’slibrary of comprehensive content, designed and curated to help instil new behaviours, protect mental health and lift performance.

As organizations globally are taking steps to recover from economic hardship caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, uncertainty about the future, greater responsibility, and fewer resources is driving unprecedented levels of stress and burnout among employees.

“The business world was already in a mental health crisis before COVID-19, and this pandemic has only amplified the issue,” said Arianna Huffington. “In ordinary times, being able to manage stress and build resilience is important – and right now, it’s essential. Employee wellbeing underpins corporate performance and is a catalyst for growth.”

“In the future, the most successful organizations will be those that take the best care of their employees,” said Matt Chapman. “A silver lining to this pandemic has been that it has forced many organizations and leaders to take notice of employee wellbeing from a holistic perspective. As businesses rise to meet new demands in today’s world, the link between corporate performance and employee wellbeing has never been more critical. Thrive HR Exchange and Thrive Global recognize the most important asset a company has is its people, and addressing burnout and wellness within the workplace is necessary to build a healthy, sustainable and higher performing business.”

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