DokterSiaga launches Chatbot to facilitate searches for health facilities in Indonesia

Tue Jan 2, 2018 - 10:46am GMT+0000
DokterSiaga launches Chatbot to facilitate easy searches for health facility in Indonesia


2 January 2018 – Bringing new innovation in 2018, Indonesian health startup DokterSiaga has unveiled its new chatbot service.

The chatbot is currently available on Facebook Messenger, and will later be made available on LINE and Telegram. Users can access the chatbot through the DokterSiaga account on Facebook Messenger to get information the about nearby health facilities.

“This chatbot is made to be as natural as possible using NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology so that it is capable of understanding the basic human lingo,” explained DokterSiaga chatbot developer Luri Darmawan.

DokterSiaga’s chatbot works by reading keywords like “rumah sakit” (Indonesian for hospital) or “RS” and later reply with the relevant information, as well as providing a list of nearby health facilities and their locations on Google Maps for easy navigation.

In addition to educating users, the chatbot service aims to become the primary source of health information as compared to convenient search engines, by looking to provide complete healthcare information faster.

According to DokterSiaga, the chatbot is also expected to be utilized by hospitals and clinics in the future for doctors who want to automate and improve services for patients. It will be more focused on the health education processes by answering FAQs while ideally, doctors will focus on treatment.

“In 2017, DokterSiaga’s users has grown by 79.4%,” said Founder of DokterSiaga Farah Iskandar Akbar. “With our chatbot, we expect to provide more services for our users to access information of hospitals, clinics or health centers faster and more easily.”

DokterSiaga is an online healthcare platform that aims to help people connect with doctors on a single platform. Through its healthcare blog and directory of doctors, users can get healthcare services in one platform, as well as schedule a doctor consultation.