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Sat Jun 13, 2020 - 5:50am GMT+0000

Signalytics is making quick grounds with its software service that helps e-commerce sellers with keyword ranking and advertising optimization. Its Amazon FBA keyword research, PPC and rebates ranking software have been used by many to scale their brands.

United States – June 13, 2020

Signalytics, a noted marketing data analysis service provider for e-commerce sellers, is now making an impact with its Amazon FBA keyword research and advertising software. The company is dedicated to gathering the absolute best data for businesses, deploying strategies designed to utilize that data to help companies to gain intelligence, visibility, and growth. Signalytics provides e-commerce sellers with keyword ranking and advertising optimization. It has been instrumental in assisting many businesses to scale their brands by maximizing their visibility through organic keyword rank and paid media channels.

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Signals may be defined as the information passed on when a user interacts with businesses online, whether it’s a sales page, blog, social media site or product listing on an e-commerce platform. Different types of signals, such as social signals, traffic signals, purchase signals, and intent signals, are essential for online sellers. Regardless of the platform, user activity that indicates popularity and demand will help products rank for keywords and gain more visibility.

According to Signalytics, the importance of various signals can be summarized as below:

Keyword data: The core of search engine visibility is to understand what keywords users will search for to find a product or service.
Social Traffic: Keyword data is only half the story as organic user traffic also signals interest and intent.
Purchase Data: This is the key to profitable keywords.
Varied Signals: User activity that indicates interest, intention and commitment is the final piece of the puzzle because it can increase keyword rank and visibility for a product on search engines.

“At Signalytics, we help you discover what opportunities your product has for ranking dominance. We then provide the channels to drive signals to your products that send the message that your offers are in high demand. Finally, we help you maximize your growth with human-augmented advertising management,” said Anthony Lee, the senior spokesperson for Signalytics. “We’ve been able to successfully assist clients with dramatic optimization of their Amazon PPC campaigns. This has resulted in thousands of dollars saved in ad spend and thousands more generated in organic and advertising revenue.”

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About Us: Our software service provides e-commerce sellers with keyword ranking and advertising optimization. Our mission is to help e-commerce business owners scale their brands. We maximize their visibility through organic keyword rank and paid media channels.

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