Singapore-born environmental social enterprise, Seven Clean Seas, reveals brand refresh and art sale to sound the alarm for exigent ocean plastic crisis

Thu Feb 11, 2021 - 8:24am GMT+0000

10 February 2020- Seven Clean Seas, the Singapore-born international environmental organisation and social enterprise leading the resistance against ocean plastic pollution today revealed its daring, hazard-sign inspired brand refresh, marking the transformation of its identity from hands-on ocean-lovers to purpose-driven activists and ocean-warriors urgently sounding the alarm for the exigent crisis of plastic pollution.

Founded in Singapore in 2018, Seven Clean Seas started out as a small beach cleaning community, which quickly grew a cult following among locals for their energetic, lively brand of community beach cleanup sessions. What began as a grassroots environmental movement soon morphed into a coordinated cross-border cleanup operation; Seven Clean Seas now operates and cleans in Singapore, where it is registered with raiSE as a social enterprise, as well as Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, UK and Brazil, and partners with the likes of Marina Bay Sands, Microsoft, Howden Insurance, ECCA Foundation, and more. To date, they have removed over 100,000kg of plastic pollution, of which most are post-consumer plastics, from the marine environment.

Seven Clean Seas’ rapid expansion over just 3 years spurred its founder, Thomas “Tom” Peacock-Nazil to offer solutions for systemic change, starting with corporates in Singapore. With the social enterprise taking a more urgent stance on the topic of ocean pollution, Peacock-Nazil saw an opportunity to elevate Seven Clean Seas’ identity to a purpose-driven organisation committed to driving back the dire crisis of ocean plastic pollution:

“As a hands-on brand since we launched in 2018, we have been committed to actively removing plastic waste from the ocean, whether through community beach cleanups or plastic offsetting initiatives for corporates.” explained Peacock-Nazil. “Our new branding really brings to life the emergency situation the planet is facing, whilst creating a stand-out brand which people will be excited to wear.”

Working with creative company 20something in London, Seven Clean Seas embarked on a full rebrand, not only of its brand identity but also its website, crew uniform, volunteer t-shirts, functional apparel, river cleaner designs, and social media toolkit. Running counter to the tide of standard aquamarine, surf-inspired, and hippy-inspired aesthetics of “for-oceans” brands, the chosen near-neon-yellow was inspired by both the alarming nature of hazard signs, and the reassurance of high-vis workwear-a nod to the very hands-on work that needs to be done.

As a leader in ocean cleanups, Seven Clean Seas pioneered a much-needed plastic offsetting solution for corporates, becoming the world’s first plastic offsetting provider of its kind. To offset their necessary usage of plastic against ocean plastic pollution, companies purchase “plastic credits” from Seven Clean Seas, who are then committed to removing the equivalent amount of ocean plastic denoted by the credits. In this way, organisations are empowered to actively contribute to ocean cleanup efforts while offsetting their plastic footprint to achieve plastic neutrality.

To support the new brand launch, Seven Clean Seas has partnered with renowned underwater photographer Anuar Patjane Floriuk, to sell 100 limited edition fine art prints on its website. With a choice of 10 stunning underwater shots, each print purchased directly contributes to removing 78.5kg of plastic from the ocean.

Explore Seven Clean Seas’ brand refresh on its website From 9 February 2021, shop Anuar Patjane Floriuk’s limited edition prints on the website (while stocks last).

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