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2 August 2021, PETALING JAYA – Malaysia’s cloud and storage sector is set to be a major economic contributor with an indicative total addressable market valued at USD1.4 Billion. This comes off the back of rapid digitalisation, spurred on by the pandemic combined with the emergence of more online and digital-based services. The total addressable market value is split across four main sub-segments namely; cloud service, storage, server and hyperconverged infrastructure.

Looking to unlock this massive economic potential, Zadara – an international enterprise cloud service provider has now ventured into the Malaysian market as part of their overall Southeast Asia expansion plans. The foray into the Malaysian market comes hand-in-hand with the announcement of a new strategic partnership with KH Datagate – a leading infrastructure service provider.

Commenting on the announcement, LindSay Lim, Regional Sales Manager for Zadara said, “We view Malaysia as a high potential market for the industry. With strong government support and increasing appetite amongst corporate entities, we believe that the market opportunity will only continue to grow. This is why we have now entered the market space – to work collaboratively and synergistically with other industry players to fully realise this potential.”

Malaysia continues to grow in the ranks of Asia Pacific’s cloud readiness index (CRI) with the nation currently ranked eighth within the region – ahead of China, India and Indonesia. The country’s highest potential sectors in terms of cloud adoption include cybersecurity, government regulatory, privacy and business sophistication.
“Zadara was born in the hybrid cloud combining the best of on-premises and cloud solutions to offer a fully featured, fully elastic and fully managed experience for our customers. What truly sets us apart however is our business model that allows for unrivalled flexibility with a true pay-per-use system which enables enterprises of all sizes to scale up or down their needs and consequently their investment as needed. In a volatile global landscape, such as the one we are currently in, this flexibility can make or break businesses,” added LindSay.
KH Datagate, will represent Zadara in the Malaysian market utilising local expertise whilst leveraging on Zadara’s integrated cloud services. The partnership will also see the rollout of KH Datagate’s private cloud infrastructure and service across the nation.

Commenting on the partnership, KK Khooi, Founder of KH Datagate said, “We believe that Malaysia’s IT landscape has evolved immensely in the last few years. This new environment calls for synergy and global collaboration to enable fast, secure and widespread cloud adoption. In line with our mission to lead the market through always-on infrastructure, we are proud to be partnering with Zadara to fast track our efforts in Malaysia.”
Established in 2016, KH Datagate specialises in data centre, infrastructure, hyperconvergence and cybersecurity management for enterprises, amongst others. Guided by its Datacenter Optimisation Framework, KH Datagate offers managed services and enterprise solutions that empower business growth. KH Datagate boasts a client portfolio that includes Microsoft, Lenovo, Huawei and NVIDIA.

Zadara offers fully-managed cloud services, including enterprise compute, storage and networking infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS). It utilises a unique approach to cloud and storage solutions offering a comprehensive yet flexible service that enables it to be deployed anywhere on demand. Through its use of cutting-edge technology, Zadara offers enterprise-grade performance and security combined with expert management that allows for a 99.999% uptime guarantee.

It’s zCompute product enables elastic compute, elastic block storage, virtual private cloud and load balancer functionalities. Meanwhile its zStorage product provides comprehensive solutions across block, file and object storage use cases.

Established in 2011, Zadara has a 10-year track record of innovation and service excellence with 300 points of presence globally. Some of Zadara’s global clients include KDDI and Rakuten Mobile.
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