Indonesian audio content platform NOICE welcomes two Ex-Googlers as New Chiefs

Wed Aug 18, 2021 - 7:16am GMT+0000

Jakarta, 18 August 2021 — Indonesia’s leading, home-grown audio content platform NOICE today welcomed new leadership: Rado Ardian and Niken Sasmaya, as their new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chief Business Officer (CBO). With this new leadership, NOICE is ready to continue its trajectory to become the country’s top audio content platform.

Launched in 2018, NOICE is an audio platform that streams local audio content to almost 800,000 registered listeners, across Indonesia. NOICE is Indonesia’s largest podcast network, with 100+ original shows, including radio streaming and audiobooks. The platform encourages high engagement, allowing content creators to interact directly with their fans. Rise of audio entertainment in Indonesia
On average, Indonesians spend about 8 hours online every day. Many are complaining of screen fatigue,
with 56% of Gen Zs and Millennials sharing that there is too much visual stimulation and that audio makes
a nice escape.

Indonesia is witnessing a fast-growing adoption of non-music content. NOICE’s high quality, exclusive and original content has attracted a strong fan base, with consumption levels doubling over the past year. Users typically spend over 60 minutes on the platform per day. NOICE expects growth to continue strongly, due to increasing interest in non-musical audio content. NOICE recently launched Noicebook, an audio podcast summarising books in 15 minutes, and also secured a partnership with Indonesia’s biggest telecommunication provider, Telkomsel, giving their users access with free quota to its exclusive content. “Now is the rising era for audio. Many of our listeners use NOICE to keep them company. Now that everyone is social distancing or working/ learning from home, hearing a friendly voice makes a real difference. And unlike watching a video, listening to a podcast can easily be done while multitasking. Fans typically listen to NOICE while working, commuting, doing house-hold chores, exercising or even relaxing before sleeping. An added advantage is that they can be entertained while consuming lower internet
data,” explained Rado Ardian, CEO NOICE.

New leadership with extensive tech and content development experience Rado Ardian started his career in a multinational consulting firm before joining Google. His nine-year journey at Google started with his role in the sales team, where he was responsible for growing Google ads business in the FMCG vertical. He then moved to the product operations role and worked closely alongside the product and engineering team to lead customer experience strategy for Google Maps and Google Store in APAC markets like India, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore and Australia. Meanwhile, Niken Sasmaya spent 10 years in Google with different roles ranging from sales, partnerships and program development in Singapore and Japan, before moving to YouTube. At YouTube, she was the first to take on the responsibility of developing the content creator ecosystem in Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand as well as building the Creator Development & Partnership team from the early days.

“Indonesia is having a fast growing adoption of non-music audio content where at least one-fifth of music. listeners also listen to podcast content. However, there is a limited number of platforms that address this content vertical in the market. This is what NOICE aims to build: a great product that serves multi-vertical audio content like podcast, live audio, radio streaming, music, audiobook with a focus on Indonesian vernacular content,” said Rado Ardian, CEO of NOICE.

“Being a homegrown product, we have the advantage of understanding the Indonesian market better and being locally relevant to the audience. This is also what we see working in big markets like China and India, where diversity of local culture and languages can be captured by the local audio platforms. So we’re confident that NOICE will be the go-to destination for Indonesian listeners when they’re off-screen, multi-tasking, or any time they need entertainment and education content.” NOICE to build audio content creator ecosystem in Indonesia Over the past decade, video content creators have had successes with various platforms available. However, there aren’t a lot of options when it comes to audio, especially audio platforms which focus on serving local audiences in Indonesia. NOICE’s main vision is to build a healthy audio content creator ecosystem, where creators can easily build their fanbase and connect with them in a meaningful way. “By learning from our experience in Google and YouTube, we aim to build a product which will support audio content creators in Indonesia. This will not only showcase their talent but also allow them to interact with their fan base via our app’s technology innovation and engagement features. Moreover, we’re upleveling our support by providing a recording facility which is now available in Jakarta along with the production team for creators who create original and exclusive content on NOICE,” said Niken Sasmaya, CBO of NOICE.

“Our next goal is to help brands to build and find their loyal communities within the app itself. Eventually, we hope NOICE would be able to create a new job field in the market and audio content creators can be something that people aspire to be.” Previously, NOICE was led by Adrian Syarkawie, who is also the CEO of Mahaka Radio Integra (MARI), a company that has backed NOICE since its inception. Syarkawie will still play a key role in supporting Ardian and Sasmaya to grow NOICE into Indonesia’s top audio content platform.

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