Yi+ CEO Zhang Mo Shows NEW-TECH is Not Just for Guys at UN Banquet

Sun Sep 30, 2018 - 8:38am GMT+0000

NEW YORK, 30/9/2018 – YI+ (the company), a leading AI-based visual content intelligence service and commercial solutions provider, celebrated their achievements and the success of their Founder, Zhang Mo, today as the pioneering entrepreneur joined world leaders at the F4D UN First Lady Luncheon at the Pierre Hotel, New York. The world-renowned event, established as an annual fashion-centered charity in 2011 for the promotion of women and children’s welfare, has played host to over 60 diplomats and leading figures, including the Queen of Jordan, the Princess of Monaco and Victoria Beckham among others.

Zhang Mo has been global ambassador of “She loves Tech” with tremendous vision and heart to advocated women’s independence, liberal rights to attend the conference on behalf of China as a role model to encourage young women to grow up. During the Women’s Technology Global Entrepreneur Conference for two consecutive years. Named as one of the ‘top 10 female entrepreneurs in the world’ by the Women’s Technology Global Entrepreneurs Conference, Zhang Mo was invited in recognition of her achievements at the helm of one of the “top 25 hottest startups in the APAC region” and her promotion of gender equality in the tech sector.

“Amazingly, there are still many people that doubt women’s ability to be successful in the tech industry. Although this is changing, there is still a long way to go. I hope my attendance, and that of all the successful women here today, show young women everywhere that you can achieve your dreams. If you have passion, drive and a relentless attitude everyone can succeed regardless of background, sex or race,’ said CEO and Founder, Zhang Mo.

Yi+ is a successful AI and Computer vision service provider that aims to foster a diverse and inclusive corporate culture aimed at helping female employees develop a career in the tech sector and maximize their potential. The secret to the company’s success lies in its ability to blur the lines between entertainment and life via the company’s powerful visual search engine, facial recognition tool and analysis engine, providing hundreds of millions of users new ways of interacting with content.

The provision of breakthrough solutions and extraordinary interactive marketing scenarios has led to the receipt of several industry awards for the company. Including ten world firsts for two consecutive years in a row at ImageNet, first place at the 2018 LFW for the accuracy of their facial recognition technology and first place at the international Pascal VOC comp4 target detection competition.

For more information, please visit: http://www.yijia.ai

About Zhang Mo
As CEO and Founder of Yi+, she has expanded the company from a start-up to one of China’s leading AI computer vision “Unicorns”. With her veteran Internet technology background that studied at Peking University and Nanyang Technological Univeristy and work for Huawei, Microsoft, and IBM, Mo founded the Yi+ AI, a world’s leading computer vision engine provider in June 2014.

About Yi+
Yi + is a leading computer vision service provider committed to deepening the uses of AI to provide innovative and extraordinary marketing solutions to partners and users. Yi+ cooperates with dozens of top institutions and brands to provide intelligent analysis tools and interactive content marketing solutions across a variety of scenarios. Including, smart city development, new retail and e-commerce.