Xi Jinping attends the opening ceremony of Import Expo, Chinese genes growing in world-class quality

Tue Nov 6, 2018 - 5:36pm GMT+0000

On 5 November, China International Import Expo was held in Shanghai as scheduled. Chinese President Xi Jinping attended the opening ceremony and held relevant activities. The first import-themed exposition in the world was initiated by China and attended by politicians, business people and heads of relevant international organizations from more than 130 countries and regions, as well as more than 3,000 enterprises from all over the world. The White Paper China and the World Trade Organization calls it the International Public Product that promotes inclusive and mutually beneficial development globally.

Chinese president Xi Jinping schemed, deployed and pushed forward this Expo by hands-on efforts. He emphasized for times that the Import Expo “is not a common exhibition,” but an internationally first-class exposition fully demonstrating China’s great resolution to open its market to the world.

The items displayed on this large-scale exposition are required to be 100% imported, which set a precedent in the world and attracted not only enterprises but also products with best quality. Statistics show that the exhibitors brought in more than 100 latest products and technologies, comprehensively presenting the most advanced, cutting-edge and representative trends of products and service of the world today. Take Oceania Dairy Limited (ODL), the subsidiary of Yili Industrial Group in New Zealand, as an example. It was hailed as the national bird “kiwi” overflying the Pacific across thousands of miles and bringing about New Zealand’s world-class milk and their national confidence of this brand to China, according to New Zealand Herald, a state-level newspaper of New Zealand.

Four years ago, Chinese President Xi Jinping and New Zealand’s Prime Minister John Key , joined hands in unveiling the nameplate of the largest unified dairy production base in the world, which is also the first time that China and New Zealand unveiled the nameplate together in “Package Cooperation” between these two countries. ODL is recognized as the landmark project for strengthening the economic and trade cooperation between China and New Zealand, and also as a new paradigm for the two countries under the strategic development of “Belt and Road Initiative”, via its model of “outputting management, outputting standards, and outputting wisdom.”

Behind all of these achievements is the solid support from Yili’s “world-class quality.” With more than 1000 “harsh” tests to safeguard quality, Yili has become an international criterion that many world-famous suppliers refer to; it created unparalleled quality with “world’s first innovation”, integrated intelligence resources all over the world, and established the database for the research of breast milk, to make sure that Chinese babies enjoy the care from the most high-grade resources of the world; the quality of every drop of milk guaranteed by science and technology manifested “world-class intelligence”; Yili signed Convention on Biological Diversity of the United Nations to lead the future of ecological protection and structure the “world-class sustainable development” with “green” quality and extraordinary vision; it also improved the quality based on abundant experience and realized “worldwide win-win of the whole industry”, as a breeding industry master commended by dairy farmers in New Zealand.

This is also an apotheosis for the internationalization of Chinese enterprises. With the aid of foresight strategic layout and down-to-earth actions, they are expressing the most influential voice of China towards the world. Exactly as the old Chinese saying goes, “amaze the world with a single brilliant feat.”