Streamer Inu brings together Streaming platform and Crypto to open new doors for gaming streamers

Mon Apr 4, 2022 - 2:09am GMT+0000

San Antonio, Texas – March 22, 2022

A new generation of digital world has bloomed in recent years, one that includes virtual reality, augmented reality, cryptocurrency, non-fungible tokens, and streaming services. Even while this digital revolution has unfolded new avenues for innovation, it is still difficult for a newcomer with few contacts or prominence in the sector to break into the industry. Streamer Inu has come forth to transform that paradigm.

Streamer Inu was founded a few days back envisioning the creation of the largest support community for video game streamers who have been displaying their innovative work on sites like Facebook gaming, Twitch, and YouTube gaming, without gaining much back themselves. The initiative of Streamer Inu serves as a crowdfunding platform for streams, where cryptocurrency contributions are accepted. People from all around the globe may simply select their preferred broadcaster to sponsor and then swap ETH for Streamer Inu tokens on the webpage. In the very brief duration since its inception, Streamer Inu has attracted 140 members and raised almost $15,000 in funds that would be going to over 25 streamers. As it happens, the network has already begun to instill a huge amount of encouragement in its users and four of the Streamer Inu aided performers have joined the fraternity themselves to lend a hand to other streamers.

In the own words of Streamer Inu creators,

“If you’ve ever wondered what it feels like to be Oprah or Elen, watching LIVE the good you’re giving, the difference you’re making, the lives you’re changing, the moments you’re creating, there has never been a better project to get involved with.”

Although Streamer Inu set forth as a fundraising platform, it is quickly broadening its facilities to include crypto education on tax savings and other topics, crypto marketing services, graphic design assistance, community engagement, and occasions such as esports competitions, variety shows, and other activities geared towards up and coming streamers. The group intends to equip aspiring broadcasters with not just coaching from accomplished and veteran streamers, but also fully financed flights, gears, travel arrangements, and anything else that will help out a new streamer in their journey to success. Additionally, the project seeks to leverage crypto’s inherently broad influence among celebrities and the general public in order to help its struggling streamers. With prominent accounts on Twitter, TikTok, Discord, Instagram, and Telegram, they are already ubiquitous in the sphere of social media. Streamer Inu is sure that it will soon become more than just an endorsement instrument to its streamers, but also their official crypto bureau.

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