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St. Louis, United States – March 23, 2022

As a top-rated drainage and floodwater management solutions company in St. Louis, Drainage Team is a “value-oriented” firm whose leadership has decades of combined industry experience. The company has updated its basement waterproofing services in response to the increased regional occurrences of flooding impacting local properties.

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Drainage Team, which can undertake projects ranging from $1,500 to over $500,000, works as the certified, exclusive installer and dealer for Basement Technologies in the St. Louis Metropolitan area. The company’s acknowledged expertise in drainage management extends naturally to the waterproofing of basements, which are often left neglected for years on end.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, floods have become larger and more frequent in many sections of the country. Due to natural disasters and extreme weather, electricity failures in the United States increased by 73 percent in 2020. Flood damage to at-risk properties might cost $20 billion this year, rising to $32 billion by 2051 due to rising sea levels and weather events. If this trend continues, flooding in the Midwest will become more common and have even more disastrous consequences each year.

Drainage Solutions provides cutting-edge solutions that may be installed in any basement setting, correcting foundation cracks and preventing water from entering the basement. The company employs Techni-Crack, a patent-pending wall crack waterproofing system. By combining a hydrophobic membrane with an injection process, the new approach replaces polyurethane and epoxy injection methods. If water enters from the coated crack, it will be deflected quickly and effectively to the system or a dry well below the basement floor.

Many of the company’s projects are re-doing crack repairs that other companies have mishandled.

Furthermore, high levels of humidity can lead to the growth of mold and mildew, which can reduce the value of a home and lead to health problems for residents. Drainage Team can install a series of dealer-exclusive, proprietary basement dehumidification systems to maintain a healthy, dry, and mold-free environment in order to address these challenges. The company can also install its own Humid-Evac system beneath the customer’s basement floor, which is usually done in conjunction with Drainage Team’s full perimeter waterproofing solutions.

About the Company

Drainage Team has over 25 years of experience and has teams in place ready to handle any erosion, drainage, and stormwater issues. All of the company’s projects are performed using the best quality materials and cutting-edge equipment and procedures. The company’s capabilities extend from residential homes to government buildings and industrial facilities.

“Fluctuating weather conditions and increased rainfall are having a real impact on properties in the Midwest,” said a company spokesperson. “Our team provides the most cost-effective solutions for water and drainage management, including waterproofing. Nobody wants to see the value of their homes plummet because of unexpected flooding.”

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