Programmatic Advertising Specialist Launches New Agency In San Antonio

Thu Mar 31, 2022 - 12:30pm GMT+0000

Valdosta,United States – March 18, 2022

The world of advertising has been changing in recent years as digital processing and tracking technology has evolved and progressed. The world has slowly been moving towards a more focussed form of marketing called programmatic advertising. This relatively new form of marketing enables businesses to advertise their brand, products and services

Texas based programmatic advertising agency, Ranwell Productions, is a business that provides this marketing process for clients that want to target only, prospects that have been identified as a target prospect.

Randy Sewell, head of Ranwell Productions said “Programmatic Advertising is the future of marketing. In a few years’ time, it will be the leading form of advertising and will overtake conventional advertising by a mile”.

Mr Sewell said that Programmatic Advertising works by identifying prospects as a specific target whilst they browse web pages on the internet. He said that the data collected from a large number of participating websites was then passed on to a hub where advertisers can bid for their ad to appear on that target prospects devices, such as, connected TV, radio or other digital devices. The advertising can also be displayed as an ad on digital billboards in the locality where the prospect lives.

He said that the process sounds complex, but the reality of the process for the advertiser is that it is very simple and straight forward to set up and manage an ad campaign.

Randy went on to say, “this form of marketing is like firing a bullet from a rifle, compared with conventional advertising, which is like a shot gun that blasts pellets everywhere, hoping it will get a targeted prospect with one of the pellets”.

As programmatic advertising is so targeted, it means that businesses don’t have to spend so much money on a blanket coverage ad campaign, because they are now able to specifically target individuals that have shown an interest in their niche. This all means that the value is very high, and the ad campaign is completely manageable by the advertiser.

Mr Sewell has been involved in marketing for many years and his expertise in programmatic advertising has brought him to the place where he can launch his own agency. He said, “Ranwell Productions has been rolling out these services throughout Texas in recent months and we are available to provide the ultimate in effective advertising to businesses of any size across the state”.

Mr Sewell said that any interested businesses that would like more information, should visit their website, Ranwell Productions and contact them.

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