New York Accident Law Firm Urges NY Drivers to Pay Extra Attention to Their Speed This Summer

Wed Jul 15, 2020 - 3:00am GMT+0000

Top-rated NYC car accident law firm urges drivers to be extra cautious during the summer. The warmer weather of summer can give drivers a sense of confidence, potentially leading to speeding, a decrease in driver focus, and vehicle collisions.

New York, United States – July 14, 2020 /MarketersMedia/

Daniella Levi & Associates, P C, a top-rated car accident law firm based in New York, is urging drivers to be extra cautious in the summer of 2020. The warmer weather of summer can give drivers a sense of confidence, but this can often lead to speeding and a decrease in driver focus, causing an increased number of vehicle collisions.

Daniella Levi believes that these problems will be exacerbated in 2020, thanks to two specific reasons. Firstly in 2019, New York City announced a dramatic rise in the number of speed cameras being installed at or near school districts to help deal with the problem of drivers speeding. By this summer, there will be a total of 2,000 cameras watching and recording the speed of drivers, which will inevitably lead to an increase in the number of drivers being caught speeding.

Secondly, the way that a large percentage of people work in summer 2020 has changed dramatically following COVID-19. More and more companies are encouraging their employees to work from home, and as a consequence, the volume of traffic on the roads is smaller. Anyone choosing to drive around NYC is much less likely to get caught in traffic jams, and as a consequence, could easily fall into the trap of unconsciously traveling over the speed limit. Excessive speed can lead to a car wreck or fender bender on busy roads such as Grand Central Pkwy or the Van Wyck Expy.

“Every day we work hard for our clients who have been involved in a crash. Many of the accidents were caused by careless driving.” said Daniella Levi of Daniella Levi & Associates, P C. “As a company, we are very concerned about the summer of 2020, for our clients and the residents of New York. 2020 has already been a very stressful year due to COVID-19, and we wanted to highlight to the residents of New York how easy it is to break the speed limit inadvertently. We are also very focused on trying to reduce the number of road traffic accidents within the city, something which as a company we have always been concerned about. If, however, anyone you know is injured as a result of a speeding driver, then, we would urge them to contact us as soon as practical so that we can ensure that they receive the justice to which they are entitled.”

To bring home the point, Ms. Levi adds “According to a recent report released by the NYPD, in May of 2020, tickets written for speeding rose by approximately 40% across the state.”

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