Digital Real Estate Agency Residual Queens Announces Automated Digital Real Estate System that Creates True Residual Income

Wed Jul 15, 2020 - 2:48am GMT+0000

The company empowers investors to attain financial independence by offering a portfolio of digital real estate options.

July 14, 2020

Mansfield, TX – Digital Real Estate Agency Residual Queens is pleased to announce its automated digital real estate system that allows anyone to gain financial independence by means of an option that fits both their needs and their budget. According to Residual Queens co-founder TeaJay Bauer, digital real estate is a safe investment that provides high returns with low risk and zero overhead.

“Not many people are aware of what digital real estate is all about,” says Bauer. “But I think that’s about to change as what used to be the best-kept secret is becoming increasingly popular with people in all walks of life.”

Compared to traditional commercial real estate, digital real estate has a lower cost but higher profit margins. All investment opportunities are online and involve the growing and selling of online stores, similar to the selling of a commercial property.

Bauer explains that traditional real estate investing can be difficult to get into, has uncertain outcomes and usually comes attached to a lot of hard work before any profits can be seen. Digital real estate, on the other hand, provides an easy, stress-free way to create residual income, consisting of an online, automated asset in the form of an eCommerce business that can be bought and sold.

Co-founder Mei-Jing Ang adds that many of Residual Queens’ clients have previously tried and failed at traditional real estate investing.

“If you’ve read any real estate investing books or property management books you’ll know how complex and uncertain the process can be. I strongly suggest you switch over to the idea of digital real estate investing. We have a tried-and-true formula, along with many years of experience. Our business model is surprisingly simple, yet highly effective. We are undoubtedly the most profitable in the industry Best of all, we do all the work and all you do is reap in the profits.”

To learn more about the Residual Queens automated digital real estate system, click here.

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