LinkDial’s Cutting-edge Call Forwarding Service Is Now Live

Thu Mar 31, 2022 - 1:00am GMT+0000

Bulgaria – March 18, 2022

LinkDial is a privacy-centric telephony solution that allows people to receive calls via their LinkDial profile without revealing their personal phone number. 

“It is ideal for social media influencers, digital nomads, and online organizations, enabling you to connect with potential customers and conduct business by embedding your call forwarding link on your social media profile, landing page, website, in emails, Tweets, WhatsApp messages, DMs, or wherever you wish online,” explains company founder, Nencho Lupanov. 

LinkDial is an affordable alternative to creating a VPN and far easier and quicker to access as there’s no complicated setup, costly software subscription, or large capital outlay for hardware required. 

“LinkDial makes it hassle-free for you to stay in touch with fans and prospects without revealing your personal phone number. Simply create your profile, share your assigned call forwarding link, and you’re ready to receive calls from your followers and connections across the US while protecting your privacy,” continues Nencho.

LinkDial is free for callers to use while businesses and individuals can test the service with a free seven-day trial, which allows you to set your working hours and enjoy unlimited calling minutes. 

“If you like our what we have to offer, you can continue using our service for the reasonable subscription fee of $9.99 monthly. As for your fans and prospects, they simply need to click the call forwarding link to be directed to your LinkDial profile and from there connect with you no matter where in the world you happen to be,” adds Nencho.

LinkDial’s innovative telephony solution is in line with the latest communications trends, and answers the growing demand for a safe, secure way to connect with callers.

“Beyond protecting your privacy, LinkDial’s call forwarding service offers multiple advantages, like a reliable way for potential customers and followers to reach out. It also adds a level of professionalism to your public or business persona, helping to boost your online status and translate to increased revenue. What’s more, it allows people to quickly and easily share your call forwarding link with their networks, helping to grow your customer base organically with virtually no effort on your part.”

“LinkDial currently only supports US callers and users. However, we look forward to expanding our anonymous telephony solution to online business owners, digital nomads, and social media influences across the globe in the future,” concludes Nencho.


LinkDial is a privacy-centric telephony solution for social media influencers, digital nomads, and online businesses. LinkDial allows people to embed their call forwarding link on their social media profile page, website, in emails, Tweets, or wherever they wish on the internet and then receive calls for free via their LinkDial profile without revealing their personal phone number.

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