Jasmine Lugo Converts Successful ISA Program To Help Mortgage Brokers Triple ROI

Mon Aug 24, 2020 - 9:00am GMT+0000

South Florida Realtor trainer takes proven system and creates a plug and play lead qualification platform that has mortgage brokers shouting her praises.

Miami, United States – August 24, 2020 /MarketersMedia/

With the COVID-19 economic shutdown putting a hold on many new home buying opportunities, South Florida’s Realtor trainer Jasmine Lugo stepped up to make sure her peers and clients had a better system to attract quality leads and get to the closing table without stressing out the brokers.

Lugo converted her proven Inside Sales Agent (ISA) system she and her VPS Team perfected for Realtors over the last decade and made it into a mortgage broker’s qualifying dream. Working with her polished bi-lingual team, she cloned the system, made extra shifts, and invested in a customized tracking platform to accommodate a separate lead structure developed only for mortgage brokers. With her years of experience, she interviewed dozens of mortgage brokers and perfected the calling sequences and appointment setting formats to magnify their success opportunities from leads converted to closing goals..

“Over the years I have had many Realtors ask me to develop a system for their in-house lender or mortgage partner. Pre-shutdown we lacked the time to do it properly, and I refused to offer a system for mortgage brokers that could not mirror the same success my Realtors had experienced. Over the last four months we took our time and developed a lead qualifying system that has brokers speaking to qualified buyers and refi customers. My goal was to take care of my clients from A to Z with their leads and now thankfully, we can easily fulfill their needs and help them meet their goals in a way that makes them the hero at such a time as this.” Lugo said.

In this post COVID-19 ERA when mortgage brokers are finding leads to be finicky, unsure, and fearful, Lugo’s post COVID pre-qual system allows mortgage brokers to avoid wasted time with unqualified buyers or refinance candidates and skip the rejection and negativity portion of cold-calling.

Lugo went on to say: ” We make professional and personalized qualification calls that promote the broker or agent while simultaneously qualifying the client. Once we are done the lead gets places into one of three groups: ready to buy or refi, needs help for XYZ reasons or refer to other team members. The last group allows the broker to build a healthy positive relationship with their realty partners.

Lugo’s system facilitates a broker’s ability to focus on the person rather than the purchase, creating a steady pipeline of leads to loans and allowing the broker to benefit from a new reciprocal relationship with their realty peers.

 “Partnering with Jasmine has been a pleasure. Her team took time out to learn our system and in 8 weeks we have 6 leads turned to deals and 4 are getting clear to close. I have made my investment back many times over. If you want to try Jasmine’s system, I recommend you just give it (the system) time to work for you and follow her directions. It works if you let it!” Ben Williams Said (of the Williams Advanced Realty Team in Texas).

Lugo also partnered with Daniel Shalach, owner and CEO of Crown Credit and Debt Solutions . The largest Christian Credit Repair company in Florida.

“I want to qualify the leads and if any of them have credit issues I want to help as well. After seeing the work Daniel and the team at Crown Credit and Debt Solutions did for a family member and a few clients I sent them I knew I wanted to partner with them to make sure if any of my realty partners needed help with a client I had a safe and secure place to refer them to. It gets integrated into our system at the request of the broker and when the person is credit ready, we send them back to the original broker. I want my clients to succeed, period.” Lugo shared.

If you are a Realtor or Mortgage Broker who would like to see a healthy ROI on your purchased leads and focus on closing rather than prospecting, contact Jasmine Lugo and her team at the information below or call 407 867 8157 to set up a discovery call and see if you qualify to work with the VPS Team.

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Address: 2665 South Southbayshore Drive, Suite 220
Phone: 407 867 8157
Website: http://3XVPS.com

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