Bukalapak brings ecommerce services overseas with new platform

Mon May 20, 2019 - 3:59pm GMT+0000

20/5/2019 – Indonesia’s leading online marketplace Bukalapak has become the country’s first ecommerce company to expand overseas by launching its new platform called BukaGlobal.

The new feature will allow international customers to purchase products on its platform, and is currently available in five locations outside of Indonesia, including Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Brunei Darussalam.

This widens the company’s user base beyond Indonesia and allows international users to buy directly from more than 4 million Indonesian sellers on the platform.

Though at the moment, only qualified sellers in Jakarta and Tangerang are able to offer BukaGlobal as part of their service, with more sellers to participate soon.

According to Bukalapak co-founder and president Farjrin Rasyid, BukaGlobal was designed to address logistics challenges in the region, such as the high cost of postal and courier delivery.

“We want to break down barriers that hinder young and small entrepreneurs from competing on a global playing field, primarily on access, infrastructure, and connectivity. With BukaGlobal, Indonesian products are readily accessible by consumers anywhere in the world through a fast and reliable platform,” he said.

The geographical expansion by Bukalapak also follows a series of vertical expansion moves the company has been undertaking of late.

In the past few years, Bukalapak has launched various features including BukaNonton (video content), BukaPolling (Live TV, quiz and polls), and even BukaBike (bike-sharing), as well as fintech features like BukaDana (e-wallet), BukaReksa (mutual funds), and BukaCicilan (credit-payment), and Modal Mitra (lending).

All features in BukaGlobal can be accessed via Bukalapak’s web and app starting from May 20, 2019. Consumers can select their location and order products starting from 0.5 kg with delivery approximately 6 to 11 days depending on the destination.

VAT details are displayed during the checkout and payment process. Transactions will be made in Indonesian rupiahs using credit cards, debit cards, or in cash payments via a remittance agent at the buyer’s location.