Indianapolis IN Slam Poetry – Mental Health Book Celebration Announced

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Indianapolis,United States – March 23, 2022

Edgar Allen Poe once described poetry as the “creation of beauty in words” – a sentiment shared by Indianapolis poetry author, Aisha Tariqa Abdul Haqq. As she and the rest of the world celebrate National Poetry Month in April, she revisits her works, including the two books that were inspired by her own personal struggles.

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In celebration of the upcoming month-long celebration, Aisha discusses the power of Indiana poetry in expressing feelings that cannot be properly captured in typical prose. She recalls a poem she included in her best-selling book, “Four Years in Chrysalis” which reads,

“Every day, I have to experience his death anew


Children should always grow old

It is a sign of the times when young boys you kiss on the cheek one day become symbols of martyrdom the next

It is a sign of the times when we are either moved or unmoved by such events

It is a measure of your spirit to be moved

You can evolve under the heavy glance of what moves you

You can become new honest strong here tangible underneath the heavy weight of it all”

The collection of Indianapolis poetry attempt to capture Aisha’s life and how she has overcome these obstacles, including finding peace after the death of her younger brother to gun violence. She says that there is an emptiness of soul that can only be filled with the soothing expression of slam poetry. Further details can be found at

In particular, she hopes to promote Indianapolis poetry as an avenue for more people to discuss their mental health. She explains that though it is often seen as “fluffy”, poetry allows anyone to communicate their feelings without a fixed set of rules. Indiana poetry goes back to the core of writing itself: to give shape to the intangible.

Aisha is the author of two best-selling books. She plans on publishing more in the future.

Aisha believes that poetry is a powerful method of expression. She writes in a relatable way that cuts through the core of every reader. She believes that universal experiences can be properly expressed through various forms of slam poetry.

She writes, “The power of poetry is something to be reckoned with. You can extract pain from yourself, or heal the community as a whole. I found my way out of the darkness through poetry, and it changed my life forever. No matter what you’re going through, it has a power over you like nothing else. As an author, I have seen this firsthand and I’m excited to share my work with you.”

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