Human Loving Aliens Touch Down On Planet Earth With 10,000 Unique Non-Fungible Tokens

Tue Apr 5, 2022 - 3:51am GMT+0000

– March 23, 2022

As Blockchain technology continues to evolve and spur the creation of entirely new ecosystems, businesses and their customers are facing increasing pressure to stay informed and also innovate new ways of taking advantage of the new reality. 

The Nifty Way Galaxy Project is a collection of 10,000 human loving aliens minted into digital art pieces with exclusivity contracts. Created to serve as reliable investment vehicles, the amazing alien collection touched down planet earth with the help of the talented team of 30 developers and designers from several companies.

According to the creators, the aliens aim to help holders fully enjoy the wonderful benefits of the Metaverse, by awarding them digital assets with real-life utilities. The highly experienced development team was subdivided into various departments to ensure every aspect of the project received adequate attention.

From super-skilled back end and front end web developers to artistic graphic designers, illustrators, content creators, creatives and social media experts, the Nifty Way Galaxy NFTs are backed by a comprehensively built ecosystem destined to outshine other projects in the space.

Perhaps the most outstanding attribute of the NFT collection is its well researched and incredibly effective sales strategy. The marketing efforts of the Nifty Way Galaxy NFTs involve user training and education for community members, as well as active online campaigns, competitions, and collaborations across popular social media platforms like Discord, Instagram and Twitter.

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