Gangwon Creative Economy Innovation Center opens auditions for youth entrepreneurs in Wonju

Thu Mar 30, 2017 - 9:30am GMT+0000

Following a success in Chuncheon, the Gangwon Youth Startup Audition is moving on to Wonju to discover more excellent business ideas. The event will be held at the GIC Wonju office.

The programme however was first hosted three years ago under a different title – Global Venture Competition. It was initially designed to boost the startup ecosystem of Gangwon Province but later scaled down to focus on local, young entrepreneurs.

The programme will be divided into two sections: the Startup Competition and the Startup/Entrepreneur Club Support Project.

For the Startup Competition, participants are required to pitch their business ideas in front of a panel of judges. The best will be selected and granted financial support and other benefits that will help convert their ideas into successful businesses.

As for the Startup Club Support Project, the event will be held twice a year and 15 teams will be selected to compete in the programme. From the selected teams, five finalists will be chosen to receive financial prizes to aid in their business ideas.

GIC’s Wonju office will host the programmes starting April and conclude it by hosting demo days in December for selected finalists. The center plans to invite renowned entrepreneurs to the demo day to lecture and socialize with the finalists.

The programme is open to anyone under 39 years of age who is currently residing in the Gangwon Province. Young entrepreneurs who are interested in participating can apply through the homepage.

By Vivian Foo, Unicorn Media