Germaphobe Brass Door Opener Tool Helps Users Maintain Physical Distance

Wed May 13, 2020 - 2:03am GMT+0000

At a time when the world is busy finding ways to deal with COVID-19, NoContactKey has introduced a germaphobe brass door opener designed to prevent exposure to viruses and other microbes.

Dallas, TX, United States – May 12, 2020

The world is currently going through one of the worst-ever health emergencies. As the coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak havoc, experts around the globe are working hard to bring an end to this unprecedented situation. NoContactKey, a Dallas-based metal fabrication shop, has recently launched an innovative germaphobe brass door opener tool that aims to arrest the spread of COVID-19. It accomplishes this by helping people avoid direct physical contact while opening doors, carrying bags or pressing elevator buttons.

Made from a solid piece of brass, the NoContactKey is designed to help users open doors and avoid touching shared surfaces. The device is ideally suited for opening pull-handle doors, bathroom stalls, as well as for pushing down on toilet handles, pressure switches, and some standard twist-handle doorknobs. It functions as a hygiene hand and makes it easier to follow social distancing norms by ensuring that users do not have to come in contact with frequently touched public surfaces.

Don Douglas, the senior spokesperson for the company, explains why the door opener is made of brass. “Copper is scientifically proven to have excellent antimicrobial antibacterial capabilities. When viruses and bacteria are exposed to copper, they die within minutes and are undetectable within hours. Copper disinhibits influenza viruses and coronaviruses, including SARS-CoV2, as well as bacteria such as E.coli and MRSA, from living on its surface for long periods. That’s a massive difference compared to the four to five days they can last on other surfaces. What’s more, copper and its alloys like brasses, bronzes, cupronickel, and copper-nickel-zinc can self-sterilize without the need for electricity or bleach.”

More about copper’s exceptional power to fight the novel coronavirus can be found at

In her recent review, a satisfied customer said the germ free door brass opener tool gives “good leverage for opening doors. Good at pressing large buttons, and the front tip makes it easy to press electronic keypad buttons on groceries checkout pads and ATMs, etc.”

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