EsportGame Set to Change the Way E-Sports Teams are Built

Mon Apr 4, 2022 - 11:36am GMT+0000

Indonesia – March 22, 2022

EsportGame is an E-sport tournament platform designed using blockchain technology and smart contracts. The platform was designed to provide facilities for gamers globally to form e-sports teams. 

According to data sourced from Statista, the number of e-sports enthusiasts and viewers in 2019 totaled just under 400 million. Among millions of e-sports fans are thousands of semi-pro and professional gamers leveraging modern technologies to form qualified, competitive teams and participate in as many tournaments as possible. 

Given the innovations in crypto use cases, an Indonesian e-sport tournament platform EsportGame came to the scene, offering e-sports gamers a new way to form teams, dominate tournaments, and reap $ESM token rewards for their accomplishments. 

EsportGame’s founders impart that “the basis of this platform uses smart contract technology so that it can provide convenience in transacting transparently and investing with an absolute system.” 

According to Investopedia’s definition, Smart contracts are self-executing contracts that permit trusted transactions and agreements to be carried out among disparate, anonymous parties without needing a central authority.

EsportGame’s platform has developed the $ESM token – a BEP20 token, which forms the main currency fluctuating on the platform, allowing e-sports gamers to enter tournaments and win additional $ESM tokens.

The platform plans to introduce various on-site tools and utilities to streamline tournament participation, with the most notable being a virtual e-wallet and an NFT Marketplace where EsportGame members can securely and conveniently buy and sell their $ESM non-fungible tokens. 

One of the main benefits of owning $ESM is sustainability. With stability provided by the streamlined, secure fluctuation of $ESM tokens daily, it is engineered to endure and eliminate unnecessary volatility, which is characteristic of many emerging NFT projects. 

The smart contract technology ensures all tournament prizes will be awarded to the winners, as stated by the project’s leaders:

“As some tournament organizers fail to give prizes to the winners, EsportGames applies smart contract technology to ensure fair distribution of prizes.”

EsportGame uses its proprietary currency for tournament registration, providing participants from all over the world with streamlined accessibility and a comfortable registration experience. 

Additionally, EsportGames emphasizes that “big teams can participate in e-sports tournaments” and that its platform will enable individual gamers, regardless of skill class, to form teams and engage with others competitively. 

Another common problem for thousands of e-sports gamers is networking and broader communication channels/platforms that would allow them to form a team comprised of players whose skills, personalities, and ambitions complement one another. EsportGame’s platform was developed to provide simple, quick, and dependable ways for its members to organize e-sports teams effortlessly. 

EsportGame is disrupting the competitive online gaming scene by empowering solo gamers to partake in e-sport tournaments. With the introduction of the team search feature, the platform effectively allows all of its members to form groups and join tournaments.

More information about the EsportGame platform is available on the brand’s official website

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