DingDing TV Reveals the Truth About the China Initiative and What Lies Ahead

Wed Apr 6, 2022 - 6:00pm GMT+0000

Santa Clara, California – March 25, 2022

As alarming as the Trump Administration’s declaration may have been to many people in 2018, the China Initiative is nothing new. Authorities are only now calling it for what it is and has always been. According to former US Congressman, Mike Honda, “The China Initiative is not a partisan thing, either. It started with Clinton, moved through Bush and Obama, and now Trump and Biden.” Both parties have engaged in efforts to counter supposed threats at what many view as the expense and emotional torture of Chinese Americans in the Tech and Cyber industries.

“It’s the behavior of targeting Asian American scientists who are naturalized citizens that is really the issue,” says Honda. “Though the China Initiative is most infamous for its long track record of false accusations and, most notably, their Chen Gang blunder, the ‘Initiative’ has also unfairly damaged the lives of Chinese Americans across its more than 20 years of political enforcement and may yet continue if the root is left unplucked.”

From the egregious treatment of Sherry Chen to the abrupt raid of Xiaoxing Xi’s home, wrongful accusations of espionage have turned homes completely upside down, tarnished reputations, and left many in financial and emotional crises based on information from various sources. Steven Hoffman, CEO of Founders Space, adds, “The government has been targeting based on ethnicity and not on confirmed actions. Victims of this system suffer extreme emotional stress. We are only damaging ourselves and ruining others’ lives. We are not getting to the root of the problem with this method.”

In light of the circumstances, many are left wondering whether the government holds the right to protect the interests of its citizens from espionage. Rosemary Coates, President of Bluesilk Consulting, thinks so. “The Government has every right to combat espionage and cyber threats no matter where they come from. The problem is prejudice and the uneven application of the laws,” says Coates.

Coates’ point is amplified by Honda. “The China Initiative has only added to the anti-Chinese sentiment and helped fuel tensions over the past few years. The Government should formally apologize. Publicly,” Honda states. That leaves people wondering what the future holds for US and China collaborations in Tech and Commerce. Hoffman holds nothing back in his critique of the matter. Further details are available via DingDing TV.

“Competition is healthy. We need to rethink our approach and come up with a diplomatic path forward,” Rosemary Coates adds. “We should take a step back and look at what happened and how we change the road going forward.” “Our economies are linked,” Hoffman continues. “It’s a global world, and we must figure out how to create win-win scenarios. In a geopolitical arena, the more our economies are intertwined, the more collaborations we have, the less destructive rhetoric we throw around, and the better chance we will have to resolve these conflicts without resorting to such drastic measures.”

Mike Honda added, “If we’re going to create trust, it should be based upon trust, transparency, and mutual benefit. We need to follow the constitution and due process. Not prosecute for misunderstanding the science or because they are targeted by a political policy.”

The forum in which this conversation took place on Monday, February 28th at 7:00 p.m. as a panel discussion with the distinguished speakers, Former Congressman, Mike Honda; CEO of Founders Space, Steven Hoffman; and President of Bluesilk Consulting, Rosemary Coates. It was moderated by the National Chair of APAPA, Henry Yin. Those interested in the full discussion about the China Initiative, its history and effects on the Asian American community, and the complications left in its wake may watch the video through DingDing TV at http://www.dingdingtv.com/?p=87708.

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