China’s Taierzhuang Ancient City: Pearl of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal Battlefield in the Anti-Japanese War

Mon Sep 23, 2019 - 6:39am GMT+0000

People travel through many places in their lives, but there is always one spot where every moment becomes fantastic.

Here was once a river port town first founded over 2,000 years ago on the edge of a city moat. It was the “best village of the world”: Taierzhuang.

Here was the site of a very famous and tragic battle, the victorious Battle of Taierzhuang.

An Oriental Ancient River Port Town: fishing lights spread across the river, songs floating for miles, thronged with merchants, markets thriving at nights

The Taierzhuang Ancient City of today is a national 5A-level tourist attraction. All of the original historical sites, including the Anti-Japanese War Battle Site, the ancient city wall, the ancient wharf, the ancient residential area, the ancient streets, the ancient shops, the ancient temples, and the ancient halls have all been restored through advanced technical means. Here, one can find a variety of performing arts performances such as Canal Drumming, Shadow Play, and Liuqin Opera, one after another.

The reconstructed Taierzhuang Ancient City is the second ancient city to have been reestablished in the world, after the Old City of Warsaw, and is the site of the only cross-strait exchange base in China. The Ancient City boasts 18 urban ponds and 15 kilometers of canal-lined streets. Eight architectural styles are integrated within a single town. The city is home to 72 temples. Taierzhuang is a historical and cultural city with a blend of northern and southern Chinese cultures, and a combination of Chinese and Western aesthetics.

Here, one can step onto a swaying boat to travel across the city. Part of the culture of this ancient town is the constant presence of gently oaring boats, and the girls who pilot these boats are part of the city’s view. Together with the city’s blue waves, the echoes of the waves, and the peaceful city, they form a harmonious landscape.

The ancient city walls, deep alleys, murmuring water, shadow of the towers and stone bridges; this is the perfect place to take a stroll along worn bluestone streets, to listen to the rain and to enjoy the scenery. This is the perfect way to discover the charm of this city, to fall in love with its past and present: Shandong, China, Taierzhuang Ancient City.

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