Microsoft’s Copilot AI Ascends Google and Apple App Store Rankings Following Super Bowl Commercial, Despite Flaws

Tue Feb 13, 2024 - 7:38am GMT+0000

If you caught the Super Bowl NFL championship game last evening, along with its myriad of commercials, you likely encountered Microsoft’s advertisement for its latest Copilot AI application.

Billed as the next evolution beyond Bing Chat, the ad introduced Copilot as “your everyday AI companion,” capable of much more than mere searches. It promises the creation of new visuals and game code through advanced generative AI large language models (LLMs), indicating the Super Bowl spot effectively boosted Copilot app downloads.

At the time this article was penned, Copilot ranked as the second most downloaded free app on the Apple App Store and held the twelfth spot in the Google Play Store for Android gadgets.

However, Microsoft’s AI venture faces challenges: users on X (previously known as Twitter) reported that Copilot, along with Google’s Gemini counterpart, occasionally provided outdated or incorrect details about the Super Bowl and the teams involved, the San Francisco 49ers and the triumphant Kansas City Chiefs. Notably, conventional Google Search delivered accurate information about the teams.

Specifically, Copilot mistakenly listed Tyreek Hill as a player for the Kansas City Chiefs, despite his 2022 trade to the Miami Dolphins, highlighting a potential limitation in its knowledge update mechanism.

As of my most recent check, Microsoft Copilot was furnishing precise responses to queries.

Yet, this underscores a broader issue with LLMs: the propensity for inconsistent outcomes, where identical queries yield varying results for different users.

Hence, while the heightened interest in Microsoft’s Copilot following its Super Bowl advertisement is promising for the company’s AI aspirations, the app’s success hinges on its accuracy and reliability. Users may otherwise abandon it for more dependable alternatives.

In essence, Microsoft stands at a crossroads, with the public’s enthusiasm stirred by the Copilot Super Bowl commercial presenting a prime opportunity. The company’s ability to leverage this moment will significantly influence Copilot’s future viability.