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– March 18, 2022

Cat Tuong Corp is the leading manufacturer and supplying insulation materials. Founded in 2002, with an experience of around 20 years of establishment as well as development. The company has the coverage of the nationwide sales system as well as export to foreign markets, including 15 nations and regions. The company was established with an aim to provide consumers complete, optimal soundproofing as well as insulation solutions and get real value to consumers. The company always follows the community in developing a sustainable green environment, getting high-efficiency while saving energy, decreasing building a sustainable green environment, human health, and boosting the quality of life. Branding Cat Tuong Corp turns into a symbol of trust and quality in the insulation industry. Cat Tuong Corp always looks for creativity, innovation, application of science and technology to provide consumers great experiences, fulfilling the growing needs of foreign and domestic consumers in an ideal manner. The company uses Heat-insulating material to produce its quality products at a large scale.

Insulation is termed as a building envelope that is responsible for improving the building life and contributing to boosting the building quality in the eyes of the user. That is the reason why today’s work focuses more on the problem of insulation, in which the Cool Foam XPS Cat Tuong is an extremely appreciated product in a couple of years. Cool Foam XPS Cat Tuong is a great insulation product made from Polystyrene resin as well as a few other additives on the line as per the modern technology utilizing CO2 in the highly critical state, without utilizing explosive or flammable gases causing ozone depletion like Hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC), Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC). Apart from the production process of Cool Foam XPS, Cat Tuong entirely utilizes solar energy. Another product is CFA – SHI which is produced using one layer of polyolefin foam (3-10mm thick) and 1-2 layers of aluminum film (10-12µm thick). The pure aluminum film layer develops a shiny and smooth surface on both sides to boost the good ability to show heat on the product’s surface.

Cat Tuong Corp has been esteemed to accompany large and reputed partners in the construction industry for several years. The company always respects and maintains the sustainable cooperation relationship, both sides advantages and get good advantages to the community. During the end of 2020, Cat Tuong Corp has contained 2 business workplaces, 3 manufacturers with around 15 modern synchronous production lines, getting to a capacity of 148,800 m2/day and night, along with over 3000 distribution systems across the country, assuring to supply export and domestic markets. 

Covering structure is more necessary insulation for the building envelope than ever. It helps improve the quality of living space. Cat Tuong Corp always maintains energy-saving and environmental protection for the community for sustainable development in the future. The company provides the optimal solution and is always the leading trustworthy and prestigious place for investors, general construction contractors, design consultancy units, and distributors both domestically and abroad. Cat Tuong is proud to be a company that provides heat shields for tens of thousands of Vietnamese houses and thousands of factory buildings.

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About the Company: Cat Tuong Corp is the prestigious supplier of insulation – sound insulation solutions in Vietnam.

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