Car Accident Lawyer in Riverdale NY Promotes Vision Zero Campaign to Reduce DUI Crashes

Sat Dec 28, 2019 - 4:00am GMT+0000

Respected New York personal injury law firm promotes NYC’s D.O.T.’s Vision Zero Campaign to encourage New Yorkers to drive safely around the holiday season.

Riverdale, NY, United States – December 27, 2019 /MarketersMedia/

The attorneys at The Law Offices of Stuart M. Kerner regularly see clients whose lives have been impacted by drunk drivers. The holiday season brings with it an increased risk of drunk driving accidents across the state of New York, and the legal team is urging drivers to avoid unnecessary tragedy with increased vigilance on the road.

The most recent statistical data about motor vehicle crashes from the New York State DMV has shown an overall decrease in DUI related crashes. It is hoped that with continued focus on the effects of driving while intoxicated, these numbers will continue to decline.

Bronx accident attorney Stuart Kerner said, “While many cities struggle with DUIs, the problem is especially pronounced in the New York area. New York, and especially Times Square around New Year’s Eve, is a hot spot for drinking, and too many people get behind the wheel when they are legally drunk.” Kerner is a big promoter of The NYC Department of Transportation’s “Vision Zero” campaign.

Vision Zero is a City of New York initiative that operates around the belief that injuries or deaths from a traffic crash are unacceptable. Deaths and serious injuries from traffic accidents are not inevitable, but preventable crashes that can be ended via avenues such as education.

Throughout the state, drunk driving-related fatalities climbed steadily from 2009 through 2017, according to the New York Office of Traffic Safety, and declined slightly between 2017 and 2018.

Nationwide, the Centers for Disease Control show that someone dies from a drunk driving accident every 50 minutes, which amounts to 29 fatalities a day. According to the U.S. National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), impaired driving increases considerably during the holidays, with 40% of traffic-related deaths occurring between Christmas and New Year’s involving drunk drivers. They also report a 12% uptick in fatalities related to drunk drivers over Christmas and New Year compared to other times in December.

“It’s often the case that a driver may not be a big drinker, but during the holiday season, they drink more than they realize.” said Mr. Kerner. “Then, they get behind the wheel without even realizing how impaired they are, and that’s where the tragedy happens.”

Mr. Kerner urges drivers to stay away from the roads if they plan to drink at all: “Some think it’s ok to get behind the wheel if they’ve just had a couple of drinks, but if they plan to drink at all, we’ve found that it’s best to play it safe and make an alternate plan.” Mr. Kerner adds, “Preparation is key. If drivers are going to an event where they plan to drink, they should assign someone who will stay sober to be a designated driver or arrange alternative transportation such as a cab or the subway.”

Mr. Kerner also cautions otherwise sober drivers to stay off their mobile phones and be vigilant of their surroundings at all times, knowing that there are more drunk people on the road than usual. “Watch for drivers who are drifting in and out of their lane, braking erratically, driving very slowly or making wide or illegal turns. Get off of the roads while the night is young, since most drunk driving accidents happen very late at night or early in the morning.”

Stuart M. Kerner’s team of accident injury attorneys has provided legal representation and counsel to victims in the NY area since they opened their Bronx office in 1997. They serve victims of car, 18 wheeler, SUV and motorcycle accidents, including drunk driving crashes. They advocate for victims of drunk driving to get the medical attention that they need and the compensation that they deserve. With extensive experience battling insurance companies and recovering financial losses for medical bills and loss of earnings, they handle the heavy legal lifting, allowing victims to focus on getting well and moving forward with their lives.

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