Built to Analyze Exabytes of Streaming Events, Swim Continuum 4.1 Allows for Decision-Making at the Speed of Change

Thu Mar 31, 2022 - 7:24am GMT+0000
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CAMPBELL, Calif. – March 30, 2022 – Swim, developer of the industry’s first open core platform for continuous intelligence at scale, today announced Swim Continuum 4.1. The newly enhanced product introduces a new UI framework optimized for large-scale streaming applications and lets DevOps teams ensure highest performance for event-driven applications. The company also announced additional funding from Verizon Ventures LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Verizon Communications Inc., a Swim customer, as well as from existing investors. The new funding will be used to expand the company’s engineering, sales and marketing teams.

“At Verizon Ventures, we support technologies enabling the next generation of wireless communication and a rich set of 5G services,” said Kristina Serafim, Managing Director, Verizon Ventures. “Swim’s technology addresses the issues facing legacy data streaming and processing practices. Its enterprise-grade application layer allows companies to integrate with existing data, unlocking real-time analysis for real-time operational decision-making by business leaders. We look forward to working with the leadership team as it further develops Swim’s technology.”

Moving at the Speed of Change
Swim Continuum 4.1 is designed to meet the most demanding requirements and has been successfully deployed in production to analyze exabytes of streaming events. Its new, high-performance UI framework is able to continuously update the application UI with streaming data from millions of backend objects, unlike other UI frameworks that are hobbled by REST and render UI components on a request/response basis. Swim Continuum can be used for dashboard views, but the platform excels at generating map views from real-time mapping layers that are driven by Swim’s underlying, purpose-built rendering engine, optimized for handling huge numbers of propagated state changes.

“We are committed to improving resilience and service delivery for utilities and cities by way of the best real-time view and prediction of usage patterns and available resources within their connected IoT devices,” said Stefan Zschiegner, Vice President of Outcomes Product Management, Itron. “Swim Continuum’s active UI framework makes it easy to write applications that benefit our customers and provide the insight they need to best manage their assets and achieve their goals whether it be increasing reliability of the edge of the electric grid, reducing the carbon footprint or building a smart energy/city network.”

Other new capabilities in Swim Continuum 4.1 include:

End-to-end application and infrastructure management capabilities – offering DevOps teams a simple Java developer experience that lets developers write and test applications on a laptop, then deploy code, unchanged, to hundreds or thousands of runtime instances across edge and cloud environments. Swim Continuum 4.1 automatically assembles an application on-the-fly from raw streaming data, as a dataflow graph of linked, stateful microservices called Web Agents – similar to digital twins of data sources.

Powerful management plane tools – allowing Ops teams to manage the application lifecycle, including deployment (for example on Kubernetes), auto-scaling and high availability, with comprehensive operational visibility. Swim Continuum 4.1 also offers new cluster partitioning and management capabilities. By providing better cluster metrics and introspection for individual clusters and partitions, Swim customers can benefit from better visibility and improved operations for their application environment.

Pre-built connectors to Apache Kafka and Apache Pulsar – developed to turn message brokers into streaming APIs for every real-world entity, which allows developers to compute, score, aggregate, analyze and visualize the data from their digital twin.

“Streaming event data – from products, infrastructure, and applications – has emerged as an important new class of data that contains clues to help organizations quickly adapt to changing conditions and respond automatically,” said Ramana Jonnala, CEO, Swim. “Swim Continuum 4.1 is an easy to use, production-grade platform for distributed applications that need to analyze, aggregate and respond on-the-fly to streaming events from millions of streaming data sources.”

Swim Continuum 4.1 is available immediately for evaluation and deployment. For more information, contact sales@swim.inc or complete the form.

About Swim Continuum
Built from first principles, Swim Continuum overcomes the “store then analyze” paradigm common across industries, where insights are delayed due to the efforts necessary to collect, ship, store, and then analyze data. The architecture of Swim allows any distributed application to be dynamically derived from data and generate insights at the speed of change. This efficient approach is enabled by Swim Web Agents, which are self-contained, programmable objects that immediately compute data and deliver insights on enormous volumes of real-time streaming data. These Swim Web Agents can be composed into complex applications without sacrificing the scalability and performance expected from today’s modern, internet-based applications or solutions. Leveraging the available compute from the edge to the cloud, Swim Continuum accelerates the time to contextual insights by orders of magnitude and visualizes data in-stream for continuous decision support.

About Swim
Swim delivers Swim Continuum, the first open core, enterprise-grade platform for building, managing and operating continuous intelligence applications on-premises, in the cloud or at the edge. Built on the open source SwimOS core, Swim Continuum provides unprecedented performance and efficiency for operationalizing high-frequency, contextual data analytics and real-time visualizations of massive amounts of streaming and batch data. Fortune 100 companies in telecommunications, energy, industrial automation and other innovative sectors of the market use Swim Continuum to monitor diverse data streams, anticipate disruption, and rapidly respond to global changes in their industries. For more information, visit https://www.swim.inc/ and follow us on Twitter @swim.

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