Booz DAO LL, the First Crypto for Alcohol Reshaping the Landscape of the Industry

Mon Apr 4, 2022 - 12:06pm GMT+0000

United States – March 22, 2022

Booz DAO LL is a decentralized autonomous organization designed to host the Booz ecosystem, encompassing a unique NFT marketplace, virtual wine investment portfolio games, swap exchange, and more. 

According to data sourced by, the industry of alcoholic beverages is recuperating after a substantial nosedive in 2020:

“In 2020, the global market size of alcoholic beverages amounted to over $1.49 trillion. The yearly revenue decreased by around 200 billion dollars compared to 2019. While estimates assume that the market size will again increase in 2021, it will take at least until 2022 before the market recovers and surpass the 2019 pre-pandemic revenue.”

Noticing the rapid expansion of the crypto space, Booz DAO LL saw an opportunity and launched the world’s first crypto platform for alcohol. Acclaimed as the “New Amazon for Alcohol,” Booz DAO LL is set to disrupt the alcohol industry.

The project is gearing up for the launch of the BoozCoin, a utility token designed for processing transactions through the BoozExchange, running validator nodes on the networks via staking BoozCoin tokens, processing transactions for NFTs in the alcohol industry. 

“BoozCoin is a utility token currently in ICO stages for the wine and spirits industry. BoozCoin will become part of the “BoozExchange” ecosystem and operate as a medium of exchange in payment for wine, spirits, beer…” said Booz DAO LL project leaders. 

The presale for BoozCoin is now open, starting at $0.0001 per Booz until the allocation is gone; the event will last until the 7th of March, 2022. 

According to the Booz DAO LL project leaders, “BoozExchange is scaling up an existing platform and offers a base for BoozCoins to begin its growth. It will not be the only place for BoozCoin. Since BoozCoin is a decentralized market, with no single group or entity controlling the coin.”

BoozCoin offers drastic cost reduction in terms of alcohol purchases by removing foreign exchange and banking costs, simplifying the buying process via BoozExchange, and granting token holders the ability to earn free BoozCoins through a myriad of unique events hosted within the Metaverse. 

According to the Booz DAO LL project leaders, “if BoozCoin captures just 5% of the $1.5 T alcohol industry turnover, then the BoozCoin market cap will be $75 Bn.” 

In comparison to Bitcoin, Altcoin, Scamcoin, Bearwhale, and other contemporary cryptocurrencies, BoozCoin delved into uncharted waters and pioneered the use of crypto in the rebounding alcohol industry. 

BoozCoin has launched its first phase of pre-ICO in January 2022 with 12,888,88.88 BoozCoins. One billion BoozCoins were launched for presale at $0.001; during the second phase, the cost of a single Booz will be $0.002, while during the third phase, its price will be $0.003. 

More information about Booz DAO LL is available on the project’s official website and on their Telegram channel.

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