Salesforce Online Adoption Solution Empowers Clients With Fresh Quick Start Pages

Mon Apr 4, 2022 - 12:21pm GMT+0000

– March 22, 2022

Improved Apps, a number one Salesforce digital adoption solution, has recently launched two new quick start pages on their website. The pages are designed for their two main apps to help clients get everything setup correctly without any issues or delays. 

The first page provides all the information businesses need to install the Improved Help application into their Improve Help provides Salesforce companies with the option to place content near fields or deploy it at application level with an app that is 100% native. Using Improved Help, authors can add usage notes which will explain why content is relevant to the user’s situation. The app also enables users to quickly access any critical content that is required without needing to waste time thinking, searching or even using the time of colleagues. According to Improved Apps, this software will ensure that Salesforce processes are far more efficient and effective. 

The second page includes the information needed to install Improved Noticeboard. This app is designed to help businesses manage critical communications with internal and community users. It puts the control in the hands of the publishing team while also ensuring that users remain within Salesforce. The app is designed to ensure that employees never miss any crucial or critical information even if they are working from home. The app provides announcements and alerts for everything from products and pricing to service status and compliance management. 

Using the two new pages, Salesforce teams can install both apps and integrate them seamlessly into their business model with ease. The quick start wizard makes it possible to configure the apps to specific needs and requirements. 

About Improved Apps 

Improved Apps was created in 2011 under the guidance of multiple like-minded Salesforce experienced specialists. It was conceived to create a better way of engaging users. The team wanted to tackle the challenge of expensive classroom sessions and role based on-boarding that was limited or rushed. 

The business is also based on targeting the ‘forgetting curve’ where only small amounts of information is retained. Over the years the business has evolved into the number one Salesforce Digital Adoption solution to connect people with new digital content and provide a better experience for businesses and employees. The company aims to drive both employee and customer success. 

More information about Improved Apps can be found on the business website. Alternatively, the company can be contacted directly using the information that is provided below. 

Contact Info:
Name: Rachel Dance
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Organization: Improved Apps
Phone: 01279 919835

Release ID: 89071688